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  1. There Name already is mud as far as i am concerned. i avoid using Adobe's products when ever possible and i make a point of refusing to buy there products under any circumstances simply because of there horrible copy protection. now don't get me wrong i don't care what a company does to protect them selves from piracy also long as they don't damage my property in doing so and i consider my computer to be my property. in there efforts to prevent piracy they not only install what could only be considered viruses but they also damaged the windows installation of thousands of legitimate paying customers forcing them to reinstall. Arggh don't get me started about adobe because i will be here all day adobe is almost as bad as if not worse then Microsoft.
  2. I "Cloud" agree. they also need more support for laptops like information on the systems battery. a temperature logger (they already tell you the average temperature of the CPU but i would be nice to be able to leave specify running for a while and have it record the systems peek temperature so that you could run some tests walk away and check it latter to see just how hot your computer is getting under load . it should be a small but useful addition.
  3. Meh I almost always use the 35 pass Peter Gutman routine since i usually don't have enough files for it to make a significant difference in how long it takes but that's just paranoid old me.
  4. well i think that your best bet would be to run recuva on both your computer and your camra's memory. as those above me have said it is extremely unlike that ccleaner wiped your travel pictures. what i think is more likely is that the hostel had the computer set up so that it would clear all user data when it was shut down. i mean if i was a hostel owner i wouldn't a bunch a people's random stuff on my computer. besides it is a security risk...but it doesn't really matter what caused it my advice to you is the same. however "if" ccleaner did delete your files then hopefully it only deleted them because if ccleaner wiped (deleted and wrote over) those files then it would be a lot harder if not impossible to recover them off of your computer. the good news it that when you delete pictures off of a camera's memory card those files a usually just deleted. so don't take any more pictures with that camera until after you run recuva or another file recovery program because if you do you will be writing over those deleted files making it hard if not impossible to recover them. in the future buy some usb memory sticks, more memory cards for your camra or dvds and save your pictures on that at least until you can put them on your home computer and personally i would keep them even after that because you never know...if something happens to you computer it is always good to have a backup.
  5. um The System Partition does not necessarily have to be the C: Drive if a person is running mulitple operating systems the C: drive is usually used up by which ever operating system is installed first and is not necessarily the one he is running CCleaner from. a person can also change the drive letter of there system partition even if they are only running one operating system although it is difficult and fairly uncommon. However having said that DennisD is correct in saying that CCleaner by default only looks in and therefor only Cleans the system partition which is usually the C: Drive. so it shouldn't be deleting files from anywhere else unless you told it too.
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    I Agree with all of you in fact i was just about to start a post to say the same thing but you guys beat me too it.
  7. @ henriette if you are worried about the your c:/ drive being to big you don't have to install programs on your c:/ drive you know. personally i make a point of not installing things on c:/ i have my hard drive partitioned so regardless of how many hard drives i have my applications appear to be on a separate drive. there are many benefits to partitioning your hard drives but some of the mane one are : 1 it allows you to better organize stuff (if you want to organize your applications by type as appose to having them all in the C:\Program Files directory) and if something happens to your c:/ drive you don't lose everything. 2 it lets you back up the whole operating system partition separately from your applications so if something happens to you system you can very quickly* get you system back up and running without having to re update all of your applications *(like within 2 minutes) sorry if this is a bit confusing or over your head i know my computer stuff but i am really lousy at explaining stuff. also as far as installing CCleaner goes you don't need to uninstall anything you can just download the installer, run it and install the newest version of ccleaner over top of you old one with out any trouble. the installer will even know where you installed the old version so for people like me whole don't install anything on the c:/drive you don't even have change the default install location. just be careful you don't install the Yahoo toolbar. other then that everything should be pretty easy. and yes i agree with the others you are reallly plight. which is strange on froms
  8. Seccy should record peak temperature it already records the average temperature of the cpu(s) so it would be an easy addition but keeping track of the peak temperature would allow a user to run speccy in the background and do a stress test on there computer to see just how hot it is getting. this would be very useful for anyone who does any overclocking, system builder worried whether they have allowed enough cooling for the system the just built or simply someone who is worried about how hot there computer is getting when there using it.
  9. as often as possible there really isn't any reason not to use ccleaner once you have it set up the way you want. i use CCleaner at least once a day or after avg updates or if i no longer need my online game saves which ever comes first.
  10. @ DennisD and Andavari you guys actually use window firewall yikes... I have a avg 9's firewall as well as a router (which has a built in firewall) i disabled my windows firewall since that thing doesn't stop anything.
  11. Hi I have an dv6998 Hp laptop specs = http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...product=3747904 - N1291 That I wanted to overclock. Before anyone tells me that it?s a ?bad idea it will get too hot? I know I have already read many forms saying so however I have very thoroughly tested out my laptop and I am confident that it could take a slight overclocking. I have tried some of the more commonly suggested programs and was looking for suggestions. So anybody know of any programs that might help me?
  12. indeed. one of the most common tricks out there is the old "you have a virus download our anti-virus to remove our...i mean your virus now" thanks for the post
  13. i am kind of surprised that avg 9 did so badly. i am running a paid version of avg and i haven't had any problems with it. although I did have adobe flash player mange to sneak through it once. but other then that avg has mostly been good to me i haven't had any major viruses that it hasn't found but it does take up more system resources then i would like. so I am since i am on sort of on the topic does one know of a good anti virus all i am i looking for is a good scanner and firewall i don't want any real time anything if i can help it (i just don't like things running in the background and slowing down my system) ???
  14. @ jimmy5457 ya no kidding. i first found out that this file was being left behind when adobe flash player managed to sneak through my avg firewall and try to update its self i went through the settings tab on the window that popped up and was shocked to find that it remembered most of the websites i had visited so i did some looking into it and i added the whole macromedia folder to my winapps2.ini so i would have the ability to chose wither it was deleted or not. i also sent a suggestion to twisted metal of stuff to add to winapps2.ini including this file but i was ignored.
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