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  1. Bonjour, May I add other suggestions for the french translation (CCLeaner v2.17.853) ? Sorry for the rather long post, but I wanted it to be clear & straighforward for the translation team. * "Cleaner" section : Replace.: "Analyse" (button) By......: "Analyser" Note....: More consistent Replace.: "Lancer le nettoyage" (button) By......: "Nettoyer" * "Registry" section : Replace.: "DLLs Partag?es Inexistantes" (option) By......: "DLL partag?es inexistantes" Replace.: "Arrangement du Menu D?marrer" By......: "Arrangement du menu D?marrer" Note..
  2. Bonjour, You might have to check if the user environment variables are properly set ? [ For Windows XP : " My computer " properties / " Advanced " tab / " Environment variables " : TEMP and TMP variables can be set either for the current user or for the whole system) (or whatever the items might be called in your language) ] CCleaner seems to clean the according folders here. We decided to point the TEMP and TMP variables to "%SystemDrive%\TEMP" for all of our computers, and to "D:\TEMP" (when it exists) for all the users. Some files (currently used and locked o
  3. Bonjour, It's been a while we are using CCleaner. It works equally well for us (for what we are asking it) since v1.30, and it even speaks my language rather well (congratulation to the translators). I am now taking the time to place a suggestion for this fine product. So guys, what about making it multi-user aware? Windows can manage multiple users since NT4, so wouldn't it be nice if the application installers (at least) could follow the rules. (;-) Two examples come to my mind: At the installation time, there's an option to create shortcuts and another one to create a pro
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