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  1. Enviroment: Win7x64 Browser: IE8 If you access history though the pane that shows Favorites, Feeds and History CCleaner has removed them however the history displayed when you type in the address or history bar remain. As a side issue turning off auto complete does not prevent this history being recorded or displayed.
  2. My question is what is the reason for this? If you were wanting to just regually clean users profiles you could put a ccleaner shortcut with the /auto switch in the all users startup folder. Then when they login they would be cleaning their own account without being prompted.
  3. It should be noted that gpedit will only work on Professional versions of windows e.g. 2000, XP Pro, Vista Business or Ultimate
  4. Like Mauller07's I would run CCleaner via Group Policy however would do it via login scripts. Another diffrance is I would not actually install it on the clients. By putting it on the server when an updated build comes out you only have to update one version and you can centrally control the settings for ccleaner in the ccleaner.ini. This is done by getting the portible version of CCleaner and putting it on a network share, or even better use a hiden network share (to make a share hidden put $ after the share name in the advanced sharing settings box) Hope this helps.
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