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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply,the new Drive is a Sata, I dont want to install with the Floppy, when i installed XP I had a floppy with the Sata drivers on, F6 ,Floppy in, all installed Ok. Win 7 is on a disk, I have`nt tried to install yet. the motherboard on my desktop has 4 Sata ports, I recently updated the BIOS ,& the Nvidia chipset, & the Nvidia Sata Drivers, the reason for my enquiry was that 2 or 3 people said I would need a Floppy with Sata Controllers drivers on it. I have been the the Nvida site, they now scan your computer which will give you a list of drivers that you require, which i have installed. I can`t get a definite YES or NO answer from forum sites & other media sites, as to whether i do need a Floppy Disk. Regards.
  2. Hi Guys & Gals, I have a Presario Sr2019uk Desktop, Motherboard is A8M2N.La, with a Nvidia Chipset, I am considering installing Windows 7 on to a new blank Hard Disk will i need a Floppy Disk with Sat/Raid Controller Drivers.
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    Thanks Ident I Will try that out.
  4. Pujec


    How can I permantly remove & stop the browsing history being recorded Firefox.
  5. I have just run Wipe free space, with my heart in my mouth i watched my free space depleting I stayed with it until it finished and all my free space was back, maybe you should run it again.any other Guys or Gals out there who would know that running again would work.
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