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  1. Well, as i said, i formatted my Laptop, reinstalled Vista and installed then about 30 Applications, after i cleaned my registry and everything worked fine. 2-3 Days after my Installation-Orgy, I wanted to clean my registry and this problem appeared. The Last 3 Applications i installed where: Songbird 1.0, Titan Quest and the Sigmatel Audio Driver. I'm doing a Backup right now and try to fix it at the Weekend. Thx for your help. Good Night, Vanadis
  2. Sorry for bumping this, but it's really necessary for me. kthx.
  3. Hi there, about two weeks ago i formatted my laptop and installed my programs, after the installation of ccleaner everything worked perfectly. Some Errors were found and I successfully fixed them. Then about a Week ago, CCleaner shows thousands of errors in my Registry. Basically it wants to delete everything... (This is Picture is a week old, from another Forum i posted it, now there about 2700 Errors.) Is this a known bug? Somebody knows what to do? Reinstalling CCleaner didn't help. What's going to happen, if i fix anything? And what should i do, if my system crashes?
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