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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED. In IE7, they have added "security" to make the user's web surfing more private. Temp Internet Files are now classed (in IE7) as protected operating system files. CCleaner won't clean them even though running the program shows them as being removed. Solution: Open Windows Explorer. Tools>Folder Options>View. By default, the box marked "Hide Protected Operating System Files" is checked. UNCHECK that box. (I already had the boxed marked "Show hidden files and folders" checked.) CCleaner will now work as it's supposed to. It's my own personal opinion that a newbie computer user should leave "Hide Protected Operating System Files" checked; an inexperienced computer user can do real damage if they don't know what they're doing. However, this is the only way I know to make CCleaner work in IE7. Perhaps the program developers can find a work around for this problem. Regards, Denise
  2. Thanks for the welcome. I just joined the forum today trying to get an answer to my problem. Files are stored: C:/Documents and Settings/Owner/LocalSettings/Temp.Internet Files Denise
  3. Yes, I'm experiencing the very same problem. I'm running Win XP, SP3 with IE7 on 3 computers. The program isn't cleaning my Temp Internet Files on all three computers. I have to go into IE7,Tools, Internet Options, Delete, Delete All. I've run CCleaner several times now on all 3 computers and it simply doesn't clean. Regards, Denise
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