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  1. it is with regret that i must inform you all, ive decided to leave the forum as well as leave the internet. there is too many things going on in my life. one bright spot is, ill be going on a 2 month expedition to alaska and canada. ive enjoyed my time on here. this is the best forum ive ever been on.. im still using piriform software without problems. though iam checking my emails once a month. if there is something major going on with this forum like the address changing or moving, drop me a line to keep informed just in case. well.. adeiu.
  2. apparently due to some kind of conflict with our apt and comcast, we arent receiving it but have switched to a local service..but the speed isnt as seamless as comcasts. thought the monthly fee is about $ 9.99.. better than comcats which is about 42.00.. sacrafice speed for downgrade of service? sorry to say that is becoming a reality..hopefully, we can revert back to our regular service. so now, ill be on the librarys comp..its ok..at least its free
  3. this one is almost same contrast as the old one..the green accents do remind me of a crisp pear i just had for breakfast..is a cool skin admin
  4. hullo! back again, well another development has come to my attention, a job i had, let me go...not only because the company ran out of money, but because of my accident ha-ha!! in these troubled times, one must have a sense of humor..no sense in getting angry and rupturing a vein -woot! anyhoo, i think by april or may i should be able to get back to normal.. i feel better if iam online. but for now, all that is getting in my way is the physical pain.. so till next time, TTFN
  5. i concur wholeheartedly lumps mate. gotta love this forum and its members. and welcome, enjoy your stay
  6. thx all for the replies. i still receive pain meds for my injuries. although i dont wish to keep being dependant from the pain meds TOO much. my back hurts, legs and neck. sorries for creating diff acct lol. this what happens when iam logged on another browser other than FF. iam currently on IE7. anyhoo..perhaps within 2 months if not sooner, i should be back in full swing of things. ive a lot to catch up on many of my forums. iam not on my comp because the internet service has been stopped at my request....but iam still using CCleaner as usual. so till next week, TTFN!
  7. hullo friends! it is i...or was..Xion44 i was absent for a long time. i got into an accident with a drunk driver on february 6th. me and my GF were pretty shaken up, minor cuts and bruises. just taking some time off from being online..iam taking things one step at a time. i miss all of you! i hope to be back in full capacity within 2-8 months.. if not longer. they said while i was in hospital, i coded 2 times. meaning my heart stopped while getting treatment. it will be a long recovery for me..the guy who smashed into us was going 89 mph in a 35 mph zone.. wooot! anyhoo, dont close my origi
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