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  1. I wonder what does it do. Seems like it kinda defrags the free space.
  2. Dear OP, I have XP and Ubuntu installed in C drive itself. I use Ccleaner and defraggler frequently, almost every 3rd day, ccleaner everyday multiple times, don know whats ur prolem, i faced 0 probs till now.
  3. Pentium D sucks, change ur CPU and MOBO, get Core2duo.
  4. ^ I wonder why u guys use restore points? It makes the PC slow and is a useless feature. Use Acronis etc. My System Restore is always disabled, i hardly ever need to restore anyways.
  5. Can you post screenshot of what is still there and cant be cleaned?
  6. "Wipe Free Space" is a new update in the latest version. I dont know how good it is or what it does. Please give some inputs. As o fnow all i know is that it taked much time to wipe free space. TIA.
  7. Dear OP, Your PC prolly has a virus. Whatever happened in ur PC i am sure Ccleaner is not the culprit. For god's and your own sake stop using MaCafe, un-install and use AVAST or AVIRA Free editions. Best anti-virus i know till date. Cheers.
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