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  1. As much as I appreciate your response, I am fully aware of the risks involved in installing a service pack and am quite experienced in addressing the other issues you suggest. However the possible issues involved in installing SP3 are well documented; the link I provided in my original post was one of many. Not a flame, not a shot, but your input failed to answer my question whatsoever. Although some may find your response useful, none of it has anything to do with my original question. At this point I will assume the answer is no unless someone from Piriform can address this directl
  2. That's a fair question, there are multiple reasons both for work and personally. I won't go into the work reasons, except to say that a lot of my companies clients ordered XP with the machines they built (these are industrial systems for everything from manufacturing to government to scientific...you name it. I get calls (1 or 2 a week) from customers reporting the issues as described in the link I posted for reference after they upgraded the systems to SP3. On a personal level, again multiple reasons. 1. Some of the software I must run *require* SP3, they won't even install without
  3. ***WARNING*** I'm saying warning, because I do not want people to think they can just search anytime for what I describe below and take action. If you do, you're on your own. The issue(s) described may not be relevant to everyone, and *may* cause problems that did not previously exist. Nuff said. ----- I tried a few searches and came up with nothing specific, so I thought I'd just ask right out. Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere, links to the relevant topics would be appreciated ----- I've run into some issues with a machine running XP Pro, SP2. S
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