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  1. i had a few teething problems getting it to wipe my clean space at first as u can see by my posts but now have sorted it out with other members help like u say it is a new update which the is not much know about it so there is a lot guess work involved to iron the little problems but finally i got it to work it took about 550 seconds to complete the task i had 18gb of free space to clean as far as i can see it as done no harm to my laptop or my home pc when you delete something of ur hard drive you only delete the shortcut so the program/files are left on the drive so when you run c/cleaner's "wipe free space" its replaces the programs/files with zeros i find it ok to use jon
  2. in c/cleaner main window under the windows tab untick the box next to "autocomplete form history" this should solve your problem let me know how u get on jon
  3. thank you for ur help i run c/cleaner as aministrator an got the same result then i unticked all the boxes in c/cleaner except "wipe clean space" oh yes i also ucompressed my drive so with the above 3 things done then i run c/cleaner and it worked once again thank you for ur help jon
  4. why will no one help me dose ne one know wot i'm doing wrong
  5. sorry its me again when i run c/cleaner it will not complete its job i left c/cleaner running for in excuss of 72 hours in an atempt to wipe free space on my laptop the details of my laptop are as follows: ms windows vista home basic sp1 intel celeron cpu 540 @1,86ghz,1.0gb ram, mobile intel 965 express chipset family i have 14.7gb free of 32.5gb (hard drive) now when running c/cleaner it shows that it is wiping free space in the left top corner of the results page that it as reached 100% but it keeps running and the only option i have is to cancel when i cancel it then says "cleaning incomplete" please someone help me i even run c/cleaner in safe mode but got the same result jon please help me solve my problem hellllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppp
  6. i have vista basic on my laptop so should i download and run atf cleaner or is c/cleaner just as good jon
  7. how long will it take to complete "wipe free space" are we talking an hour or so or could it take several hours from jon my c/cleaner has now been running since 11:30 am and is still running is this normal ????
  8. i c wot it dose now but i have a 40 gig hd of which 16.1gb is free but wot i need to know is how long it will take to wipe my free space jon
  9. i glad u get it to wipe ur free space wot i want to know is how long dose c/cleaner take to wipe free space as i have been running it for over 4 hours now
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