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  1. Many thanks Stephen. As long as it was not me being slightly daft and "missing the obvious" it's all fine.
  2. Unless I am mistaken ? I visited > ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds , I could not see the 'builds' page link anywhere else so got it via Google "CCleaner Portable" instead From there I clicked the 'Download' button for portable which is this > ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/portable If you click the "its not working" link or just wait a few seconds, it does not matter you are redirected to ccleaner.com There is no issue with the installer version, I have that now (thank you for the update!) I just need a USB 'portable' version too.
  3. I wondered what you meant by this then I realised (I think) as if you have erm 'the other software' present or have seen it, then its not that difficult to actually speculate... I can see some logic in it.
  4. AndyF

    Reputation / Likes

    Oh OK. It is quite possible I was thinking of elsewhere, sorry! Just something in my mind (it just bugged me) wondered if they had "gone" but if they have not been here for at least a couple of years its not important. Thank you for your quick answer, appreciated. All sorted!
  5. I used to do similar, run CClean then do a quick defrag with Defraggler , just saved a bit of time to have "one thing" to click, then I could leave it to its own devices.
  6. Unless I am imagining things here (it is possible I am mistaken, so excuse me if this is the case) , did we not have here at one point the "like" or "+" / "-" reputation in each post enabled ? Not fussed why it was turned off (that is up to management their decision, I don't complain nor mind!) but I am 90% sure it was here, but I am not a frequent visitor. I just noticed it.
  7. I do not have W10 installed currently (long story I'll spare you, its going to be installed again soon) however this may or may not help, useful for previous versions. If you open a command prompt as admin and: cleanmgr.exe /sageset:1 You should have if you are lucky more options here to pick from, select as needed. To actually run it this way (well I think this way rather than "just the defaults") , again as admin: cleanmgr.exe /sagerun:1 You can have several 'sageset' / 'sagerun' sets if you wish. With W7 I tend to just have one and use the normal cleanup occasionally and rarely (say every month or two) use the sagerun:1 option on it.
  8. What's the exact error you are getting ? Are you missing the bootloader or something else ?
  9. My apologies, after updating it to the newer version it seemed to now work.
  10. Or a very similar message, I'll get the exact text if required. I was wondering why my other PC with a Crucial SSD (M128 V4) does not optimize. Defraggler states that it cannot optimize / quick optimize this drive. To be honest its not in my main machine as its slow despite updating firmware etc, but I was wondering what / why the criteria Defraggler has used for this and why it won't optimize it.
  11. Thank you. Just to clarify, does that mean it launches Defraggler / Recuva or are they 'interegrated' ie "inside" the Pro Plus version of CCleaner ?
  12. Just thought I'd try the trial of the Professional version. Activated it fine. I noted on the main page here it mentions Defrag and Recovery. I do note the links for the Professional and Professional Plus are the same, ie you only get the Professional Trial not the Professional Plus version trial. If you look at the links on that page you'll see that both Pro and Pro plus are linked to http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/professional Is this Pro Plus not available as a trial ? I would guess it either includes updated versions of Recuva / Defraggler or perhaps these are 'integrated' inside CCleaner ? , Can anyone elaborate on that please ?
  13. Just a PM spammer. (I got one too) , thankfully these are relatively rare...
  14. I'm looking for a (free) Windows utility to capture my desktop as video. More specifically, I need to capture around 30 seconds or so of video from my browser (but it must be the whole screen as I need to show the complete screen, including progress bar etc) Any recommendations please ?
  15. AndyF

    May Desktops

    Not changed my XP one, but here's my Ubuntu one (new install though so nothing to see really)
  16. I did this on an old Advent last year (Think it was a 6417, 1Ghz) and it was an absolute nightmare (I can solder and have done detailed PCB work before) The link above for the zx5000 looks a lot lot easier than the Advent one I had to do, it had to come completely to bits (internal shell too and it was none too accessible) Took about an hour to safely dismantle it, about 20 minutes to sort the socket (tiny annoying multilayered PCB, have to be really careful!) , and about 40 minutes or so to put back together. It was only the second laptop I have dismantled and repaired though (the first being quite a few years ago, and that was a very eldery Pentium 90 ( ) based Compaq)
  17. Beeps might indicate Bios error codes. I do have an old GX150 here but that does not do this. It does beep if you press F12 to tell it you want to go to the boot menu rather than let it go through the default ordering. Does this Dell your friend have, have the four small lights on the back (to indicate status) ? , these will be amber during post etc, but should all be green by the time the OS is loading. Get them to look in the Bios for the Halt On Errors setting and set it to halt on any error, if it is a Bios issue of some kind, this may give a message as to the cause, might even be something silly like the boot order etc. Not sure what else to suggest without specifics / more details
  18. I have an old Win 98 machine (it is fully updated with the patches etc) , I know 98 has gone past its end of life now anyway Latest (v2.17.853) CCleaner, 98SE , 10gb FAT32 drive (just one large partition) Perhaps its known about and does not support this on 98, but I thought I'd post a quick bug report. The free space is not wiped by CCleaner. Actually, it does not attempt this at all (example: if you choose to just wipe free space on floppy drive A instead or in addition) , there is no attempt to do it.
  19. I remember that, although I first thought it was something else (as I had installed the updates then logged out for the day) , so the next day there was some head scratching and thinking for a while, wondering what the problem was
  20. Version: 2.17.853 I should start by saying I could not duplicate this again, but am posting just incase anyone else managed it, so its probably not a bug. This only happened on Windows 2000 (fully updated SP4 and all updates etc) with a FAT32 partition (as the drive is only 30gb anyway) Anyway after cleaning free space, in the root directory (just C:) there were a dozen or so files with random names and extensions, about 1gb each. I did not think to save a screenshot at the time (sorry) I tried to duplicate this (I was using real mode) , both in Real and Safe modes but could not, nor have I been able to duplicate this on XP at all.
  21. I'd like a stand-alone script of some kind for a basic Blog. Been looking around for a free Blog script, have tried WordPress yesterday, its ok but I was after something else really. I could not find a way to remove certain features easily (without chopping the code about, which I can do but would rather not as I'd have to redo it all with each upgrade) I was actually just this moment considering not using a php script at all and simply making some nice static HTML pages, I thought once I had a nice "template" (header / footer etc), I could just add sections and pages to it as and when, but this seems to me I'd be going a little bit "too far" Has anyone got any others they recommend I have a look at (as simple as possible ideally, I don't need fancy features or a full blown CMS or anything)
  22. AndyF

    March Desktops.

    Not very exciting really, although its a pic I've had for ages and recently re-discovered. Not much going on as I re-installed Windows a few hours before I took this pic... I read the rule about Thumbnail size images only (but attached images are thumbnail size so I assume that's ok ?) , if not I'l host it elsewhere and get a thumb
  23. AndyF


    Thanks everyone
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