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  1. I just went back there and discovered that V.2.16.830 claims that it supports Windows "All Versions" - so I downloaded that and will give it a try! What's the last version of "Defraggler" that will work on W98?
  2. Ah yes; I recently downloaded what I thought was an "upgrade" to my CC V2.14.750 from filehippo.com; ie. V.2.17, then I thought to check the "technical" info on the download site - sure enough; it's made for XP on up - our old W-98SE is no longer supported. Since my old junker "down cellar" back up box won't handle anything richer than 98 I'm stuck with it - unless I want to try LINUX, which I'm tempted to do although I get the impression that one has to be a bit of a geek / techie to handle that OS and that it's not quite as intuitive as Windows. Are any of you familiar with i
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