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  1. I think the issue he is referring to is that is won't defrag the Volume Shadow Copies, not that they are being deleted. I have this same issue. Large VSC won't defrag. It would seem that Defraggler won't touch the Volume Shadow Copies for fear of deleting them.
  2. I can give it a try. Can you email or point me to a link?
  3. Yes it was and there is a version that is U3 compatible but it's version 2.11 (I think). It would appear that it doesn't matter since you can run the exe off the flash drive other than the ease of use of being able to initiate it from the U3 menu that lists the apps on the flash. If a U3 installer could be easily made I don't see any reason not to do it. Might help get the product out to more people too.
  4. As kmiller described U3 allows you to transport applications from one computer to another using a flash drive. I can essentially load my applications and carry the flash drive instead of carrying a computer. As long as I have access to some computer hardware along the way I can access my specific applications. As I mentioned, the U3 prototyper made a successful U3 version of CC so mostly I am wondering why I would need CC Portable. Cheers TC
  5. Greetings, I see there is a version of CC for U3 flash drives but I noticed it is not the current version. I was able to create a U3 version using this U3 Prototyper utility. It seems to work just fine but I am wondering if I should redo the prototype and use the "portable" version I also see for download. Are there significant differences between the regular and the portable version that would make it a better candidate for U3 applications? Thanks TC
  6. So far the only issue I have seen on my Vista Ultimate X64 system is cookies with IE8 RC1. Even though I have unchecked Cookies it still deletes them. Other than that I haven't run into anything, at least nothing I've noticed...
  7. Why would IE8 Beta be an issue with cookies? The CCleaner knows it is deleting cookies because it says so in the log file. I have this same problem on Vista Ultimate. I have unchecked the cookies selection but it deletes them anyway. Doesn't make sense, at least to me.
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