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  1. This application is fantastic and i love it, so thanks a bunch for creating it and making it free to use. The only thing i wish to add would be a "select files in file-list by matching a string" Let me explain : - After you analyze a drive, - Right click the "File List" tab header and add a popup menu - Add a option called "select by name" or something similar - Popup a toolbar window with a one-line edit, and a select button - You can add some radio-button to switch between "standard wildcards" and regular expressions (perl or anything) - For each file in the file-list, select it if its name matches the string, deselect it otherwise. I'm used to defrag only the critical files (database files, executable files, game's main data files). Being able to select a bunch of files using only a single search would be of uttermost help to me, as i often spend minutes looking for the files i want to defrag and select them. I wish someone hears me
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