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  1. I had completely forgotten about this thread! . Well the pictures weren't mission critical, what you's were seeing was more or less my frustration at why it seemed to be hanging all the time . I am seeing a consistency where this is happening when trying to recover from SD/Flash drives. I was attempting a restore onto my laptop's hard drive Nergal
  2. Hi, I just attempted to use the boot-time function in Defraggler and it appeared to finish rather quickly. When I got back into Windows I found that the pagefile was still in 2 fragments which leads me to believe that it didn't actually defrag anything in boot up. I'm using Win7 32-bit
  3. Hey guys, I have been trying to recover some files I accidentally deleted on my phone's mini SD card. Have used an mini-sd to SD adapter to use in computer and tried to use Recuva to get them back. However when I choose file/s to recover it simply hangs on the screen shown below all while consuming 100% of CPU. Cancelling doesn't change a thing. I have to kill the Recuva.exe process manually I have left this for several minutes with absolutely no progress whatsoever. Debug did not produce a dump cos of forced termination, only a txt file. Killed process 13 minutes after last activity documented, no indication as to what caused crash? Is it Recuva or something I am doing wrong? . Using version 1.38 Recuva_log1_38_5046-10-2010_14-43.txt
  4. I generally think that this has done excellently as a beta and with many improvements to come can only get better My suggestion is to add a bit of spacing in between the blue titles and the details. It just looks a little cramped to me
  5. For me it's 1.15.163, the most current version to date Cheers, -- Tom
  6. All I can say is that I seem to be having that issue as well. The Defraggler icon is actually there as I have double checked. But nope, still the generic file icon
  7. Tom.B

    CC v2.19.901

    Ahh. I see a fix has been pushed for the password problem. That was prompt
  8. All the passwords and user details used for my FF add-ons seem to be getting completely wiped and I suspect it to be on CCleaner's end as it started happening after I installed the latest update. May have to disable said option until the bug is corrected as it is a pain in the butt to re-enter everything
  9. I have to admit I was surprised when it said "Tom.B" had posted as I don't remember posting this morning Hopefully people can tell us apart
  10. It's a godsend, I know Sometimes it's hard to understand why it's all FREE
  11. I used Eraser and I also saw a Low Free Space message. I'm glad I found clarification on why this happens. Thanks
  12. Yeah, that's how I always did it from the get go
  13. Tom.B

    How to ?

    No probs BJM, have fun with CCleaner
  14. Ahh.. I don't know where I was lead to believe that Esc closed programs . But then again I seldom use the Escape button for anything these days. I guess they figured Esc meant "escaping" from the program which is why it closes upon being pressed?
  15. I use Acronis True Image Home 11 and yet I leave System Restore open. My theory is that if System Restore fails, *then* I'll use Acronis
  16. Are you loading CCleaner at startup? It would be slow at the initial startup if you have a lot of programs trying to start up at once
  17. Well normally Escape takes you right out of a program rather than just aborting the current operation within the program. I'd say it's by design
  18. Exactly! I've never had any problems relating to CCleaner or "Virtumonde" and I run 5 different scanners I have also used Jotti's on the installer file, the original file in Program Files and the uninstall file, all clean
  19. Tom.B

    How to ?

    From my own experience you would have to log in to each individual account and run CCleaner from there in order to clean the tracks related to that account
  20. As for the feature I don't know what kind of wipe method it uses though I presume it's just a basic wipe of zeros as it took around 50 minutes on 69GB's of free space on my 120GB laptop drive without issue. I use Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.
  21. I think cos EVERYONE has something to hide, whether they'd admit that or not
  22. Try something like C:\Users\(Username)\Desktop It could be the the files are still there but it can't recognise the login. I've had this happen before and that is usually the case
  23. Tom.B

    Unwanted Clean

    What kind of items are you getting that you don't want removed? There are a heap of checkboxes to select what you want and don't want to remove
  24. Ah I didn't know that. I actually set it to 3 passes cos I assumed that applied to the free space as well. Is that actually not the case? -- Tom
  25. When you "delete" a file it is only deleted from Windows, not the hard disk itself. Basically Windows is told to forget that the file exists and marks it's previous space as free. This function wipes over anything and everything that might still be hanging around in the free space. This would be a good way of permanently removing files you don't want other eyes to see -- Tom
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