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  1. I had completely forgotten about this thread! . Well the pictures weren't mission critical, what you's were seeing was more or less my frustration at why it seemed to be hanging all the time . I am seeing a consistency where this is happening when trying to recover from SD/Flash drives. I was attempting a restore onto my laptop's hard drive Nergal
  2. Hi, I just attempted to use the boot-time function in Defraggler and it appeared to finish rather quickly. When I got back into Windows I found that the pagefile was still in 2 fragments which leads me to believe that it didn't actually defrag anything in boot up. I'm using Win7 32-bit
  3. Hey guys, I have been trying to recover some files I accidentally deleted on my phone's mini SD card. Have used an mini-sd to SD adapter to use in computer and tried to use Recuva to get them back. However when I choose file/s to recover it simply hangs on the screen shown below all while consuming 100% of CPU. Cancelling doesn't change a thing. I have to kill the Recuva.exe process manually I have left this for several minutes with absolutely no progress whatsoever. Debug did not produce a dump cos of forced termination, only a txt file. Killed process 13 minutes after last activity documented, no indication as to what caused crash? Is it Recuva or something I am doing wrong? . Using version 1.38 Recuva_log1_38_5046-10-2010_14-43.txt
  4. I generally think that this has done excellently as a beta and with many improvements to come can only get better My suggestion is to add a bit of spacing in between the blue titles and the details. It just looks a little cramped to me
  5. For me it's 1.15.163, the most current version to date Cheers, -- Tom
  6. All I can say is that I seem to be having that issue as well. The Defraggler icon is actually there as I have double checked. But nope, still the generic file icon
  7. Tom.B

    CC v2.19.901

    Ahh. I see a fix has been pushed for the password problem. That was prompt
  8. All the passwords and user details used for my FF add-ons seem to be getting completely wiped and I suspect it to be on CCleaner's end as it started happening after I installed the latest update. May have to disable said option until the bug is corrected as it is a pain in the butt to re-enter everything
  9. I have to admit I was surprised when it said "Tom.B" had posted as I don't remember posting this morning Hopefully people can tell us apart
  10. It's a godsend, I know Sometimes it's hard to understand why it's all FREE
  11. I used Eraser and I also saw a Low Free Space message. I'm glad I found clarification on why this happens. Thanks
  12. Yeah, that's how I always did it from the get go
  13. Tom.B

    How to ?

    No probs BJM, have fun with CCleaner
  14. Ahh.. I don't know where I was lead to believe that Esc closed programs . But then again I seldom use the Escape button for anything these days. I guess they figured Esc meant "escaping" from the program which is why it closes upon being pressed?
  15. I use Acronis True Image Home 11 and yet I leave System Restore open. My theory is that if System Restore fails, *then* I'll use Acronis
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