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  1. I have noticed that CCleaner has changed file associations (see my previous posts) but to date I have noticed it has changed HTML vassociation now opens in note pad, hyperlinks in outlook will not open due to admin rights, google earth, html links are corupted.


    The advise I have had is to make sure the programmes were closed before running a scan for issues on CCleaner.


    This problems happen even when the programmes are closed so for now i have removed CCleaner and done a roll back on Windows XP pro to save a lot of time wasting.

    Any help would be appreciated before I reinstall CCleaner.




  2. Make sure the program is closed before running CCleaner.







    Both programmes were closed during the running of CCleaner, ............I have just noticed another issue, links from outlook that used to open up in a browser will now NOT open and come up with a error message "this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.Please contact your system administrator"




  3. I have done a scan for issues and also found that on using google earth now that the "search google" feature on the map (eg show banks and click on a bank and a serch google feature appears) this now is opening up 4 windows of which 3 are illegal URL and one window with the first word only of the search.


    I am using Opera browser.





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