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  1. I confirm this, and in the installer version too
  2. I join the cause of those of you who asked for the undoubtedly useful features of: * Defrag <only> when idle, in the background * Defrag files smaller than/bigger than/between X and X KBs * Minimize to tray Defraggler rocks now, but with those implemented, it would rock *even* more Cheeeers
  3. Hmm that could be the problem, actually I have a looot of file fragments in my messy 250 GB hard disk (+300.000). Still, v1.05 doesn't hang up with these many. I've just tried v1.08 and it's the same. Hey Pirifom, what happened with the handling of fragments in the new versions
  4. I've been a Defraggler user since last year, but only recently I've noticed the following. Whenever I install a new version of the program, starting with 1.06+ , Defraggler hangs up. I can analyse my hard drive and navigate a little through the menus, but then it irremediably hangs up, and I have to terminate the program with Ctrl+Alt+Del. It only happens with versions 1.06+ . I'm stuck with version 1.05 because of this, which doesn't crash at all. I have a P4 2.8 Ghz and I'm using XP Pro. What a weird bug... Any ideas?
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