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  1. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to use the issue cleaner on ccleaner. What boxes on the left should i make sure i have checked, or keeped unchecked to stay safe. Or what techniques should i use to make sure i am not deleting something important when i do use the registry cleaner. I already keep backups so theres no need to warn me about that.
  2. I wrote this in my last post: "I have had this happen on multiple occasions where i would have to insert my backup back into my registry." I have to insert my backup in to get it to work again so i know its ccleaner, and this has happened on more than one occasions with more than one program and it always works when i put my backup back into my registry.
  3. I would like to use a good registry cleaner, and i think this is the best but in the issues panel, the registry cleaner detects and deletes something very important. When i use ccleaner, it does something to make my computer unable to install prgrams that involve inserting one or more cd's. I have had this happen on multiple occasions where i would have to insert my backup back into my registry. What happens is the program prompts me for the second cd and then will not proceed with the installation. I know this is because of ccleaner, because this has happened with multiple programs and occasions. Does anyone know what issue i should unselect to stop this? Edit: i kno this isnt exactly a bug, but just a wrong detection, so i wasnt sure where to put it.
  4. Yeah, its safe, but when i do a full system scan i do get problems even tho it is safe, so i want to know if there are certain boxes i can uncheck to see if i can only do a partial scan so as to not affect whatever is affecting my computer, what boxes should i uncheck?
  5. I just counted mine, and i have 180 issues, but my internet is running very fast from looking at my speed tests i do on testmy.net but i can also notice that my startup is a lot slower.....does anybody have any advice on how to fix the issues, and what boxes i should uncheck or keep checked just to lightly scan and do a "safe" registry cleaning.
  6. I dont understand how CCleaner deals with any issues, it doesnt fix them, it just deletes them to make sure next time u need them they wont be there.
  7. Ofcourse I do all that stuff, I use Norton Antivirus and firewall, Microsoft Antispyware, Spybot S&D, and I defrag my HD atleast once a week. I guess I'll still use CCleaner to clean crap, i just wont use the issue fixer.
  8. I tried fixing them all and my internet hardly worked. I used the back up then i tried fixing just certain ones that didnt look as if they even mattered. My internet speed was cut in half. Im just throwing CCleaner out, i dont care anywore......
  9. I did a system recovery, which formats the entire hd and then installs windows xp, and then i installed like the 18 programs i had on my computer before. Then i ran analyze and got like 120 issues. What do u do when u see something like this. I dont want to fix all of them cus then i might delete the wrong thing and cause more problems. Should i just do a back up and do them all?
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