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  1. lot of the fragmented files are from the system volume information or c:\windows paths. not all but most. so how come even the non-system files like from c:\program files files, personal folders, and c:\user paths not defragged? instead of saying SOME were not defragged it says NO files were defragged? I tried defragging a file from a folder I personally created on the C drive. the defragging was completed but it still said "no files were defragged" if its not even defragging this insignificant non-system file what is it doing?
  2. i really like this program and would prefer not to get another defragmenter. u mention that "certain system files cant be defragged while the system is running." would u consider an option for a boot time defrag in an upgrade in the near future? i have vista home premium edition with sp1
  3. im not sure what ur asking. but when i click on the red blocks it just highlights a bunch of files. some paths are system volume information, windows and recycle bin. i cant name them all. anyway how does that help?
  4. i dont know. theres plenty of fragmented files after the analysis showing in red and in the analysis results but it still keeps saying no files are defragged after its all done. "defrag complete, no files were defragmented" that happens after defragging the drive or even individual files.
  5. after analyzing and defragging it says "defrag complete" but "no files were defragged"! what happened?
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