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  1. I have a question on a microsoft office setup newsgroup, and a an MS MVP has responded when I mentioned that I had used Ccleaner (current build ... v1.35.424 ) ... he said that "Please don't use CCleaner. That thing breaks Office 2007 when you ever try to reinstall." Question: Is that true ... and if so, when will it be fixed? Thanks, -Ron-
  2. Just an update to say that I updated the BIOS on the mobo and after that, rebooted and immediately went into the BIOS ... and I could see that it now saw the whole 250GB ... and then let it reboot ... and XP came up and everything seems to be there and OK ... well, CorelDraw 12 would not really run, so I uninstalled it and re-installed it and it seems to be OK now. There may be other things that were lost during the Ccleaner action that I will discover. But has anyone heard of anyone else having a similar problem ... where the BIOS didn't really recognize the drive over 137GB, but WinXP S
  3. Just an update to say that the same thing happened again. I got the Runtime error '6' ... and had to search here to find the command I used to delete the temp files. This time it took just 17 or 18 minutes (same machine, etc.) to delete all the *.tmp files. I did notice that that vast majority of them were "Acr*.tmp" files ... Acrobat ones. I am using Acrobat 6 (full version). There are some hits on Google regarding this problem ... i.e., the tendancy for this to happen. -RS-
  4. Yeah, I am sure that this must be a fairly freak thing that has happened. There must be lots of copys of Ccleaner running on systems with large HDD's recognized size-wise by WinXP, and not the BIOS ... right ? Anyway, I am inclined to (after talking to my sys admin friend) see if my mobo maker has a BIOS update ... so that it will handle 48-bit addresses .... and then blow away the partition with FDISK or similar ... and then reinstall WinXP SP2 ... and then run Ccleaner, before I go to the trouble of installing a lot of programs (like I did already ... :-( ) ... and see what happen
  5. I have a problem since I ran the latest version of Ccleaner the other day on my fairly fresh install of WinXP SP2 .... - can't boot - can't repair/re-install WinXP SP2 - system seems to hang with XP doing "Inspectitng Hardware ... " However Knoppix 4 will boot off the system fine and runs fine. Some possible causes ? - the motherboard is an older one: MSI K7T-Turbo with Duron 1.4 - the HDD is a new Seagate ATA 250GB - the mobo only sees about 136GB - WinXP SP2 install saw the whole thing, however. - thte initial install of XP and various programs went fine. Then
  6. Just an update. I resorted to Safe Mode with Command Prompt ... and used "del *.tmp /s" to clear out the bulk of them. It took the P3-733 about 70 minutes ... going at about 10 delections per second. I then ran CCleaner with no problem. It found a bunch more stuff which I let it delete. All together I gained back over 2GB of space. Now I can run Panda's online scanner ... which always "evaporated" after 10 minutes or so ... previously. :-) Thanks for all the suggestions and help. -Ron-
  7. In my XP's Windows\System32 folder, I do not have any folder called "RTF". I had already reported what files Search had found. ("RichEd20.dll and RichEd32.dll were both found using XP's search function.") BTW, I have over 56,000 *.tmp files. Even booting into Safe mode and trying to delete them there is a painfully slow proces. I am down to about 45,000 now ... but CCleaner still blows up when I go back to regular mode and try it again ...
  8. Well, how can I find that out? Where does it hide?
  9. RichEd20.dll and RichEd32.dll were both found using XP's search function.
  10. MS's Antispyware runs regularly after midnight; yesterday Housecall's Full online scan found nothing; Adaware SE freshly updated found nothing. I did notice that Adaware was going through what seemed to be a tremendous number of *.tmp files though ... I may try to clear them out manually ... to see if that helps.
  11. I have downloaded / installed / rebooted the VB 6 runntime thingy ... but it still does the same error ....
  12. Running WinXP Pro SP1. Using AVG. I know this system has "issues" ... e.g. panda software's online scanner shuts down a few minutes into the scan ... the whole browser just disappears like it was never there ! Trendmicro's Housecall can complete a scan, however. Anyway, when running the first step of CCleaner v1.23.160 , after some time, I get : Runtime error '6' ...and the program shuts down when the box is clicked on. Thanks for any tips ! -RS-
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