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  1. Thanks Keithuk. Someone from a Bank's IT department. Maybe they misunderstood what I was trying to do. I'll try another helpful soul's suggestion of Eraser after I delete the programs and data off manually. Little more work than I hoped for, but beats paying $40 for some utilities I see on the market (especially since I'm trying to donate these and don't really want to incur expenses while trying to be "nice"!)
  2. I was told I could use CCleaner to effectively wipe a hard drive, but retain Windows. I plan to donate some machines to a charity, but need to ensure the data and programs are removed but want to leave WIN XP on the drive. Is there a way to use CCleaner to do so? If so, I'd appreciate help on the settings. If not, anyone have any suggestions that don't cost an arm and a leg?
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