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  1. Signs of Spyware Activity and Unauthorized Control Sign 1. Suddenly you discover a small device attached between the keyboard cable and its nest on the back PC panel. Question. Did anybody offer you to set up a ?better? or ?faster? keyboard or special keyboard software? Diagnosis. A Spyware that records all information entered from your keyboard (Keylogger) is installed on your PC. Sign 2. Suddenly you discover a small device plugged into USB-port of your system block back panel. Question. Did anybody repair your PC or offer you to ?try? new removeable data storage? Diagnosis. A de
  2. Microsoft has finally presented its new version of Internet Explorer, IE 7. Bill Gates noted: “What we've decided to do is a new version of Internet Explorer, this is IE 7, and it adds a new level of security.” Read More>>> Does it really add new level of security to your Windows system? And as experienced windows users what do you think about it guys?
  3. Please report your BUG to the according section of our forum. We will fix it.
  4. Arovax Company Accepts the Spyware Challenge And Answers the Call! Arovax Anti-Spyware: a standalone application for Home and Corporate users designed to keep your PC system clean of all forms of spyware, adware, trojan horses, keystroke loggers, security disablers and other malware. The program works under Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and does not interfere with other applications installed on user's PC. November 12, 2005 ? Salem, Oregon, USA. Online Security and Privacy solutions oriented company Arovax LLC, mostly known for it?s brand new type of freeware persona
  5. It's not even a Beta guys. It's just an Alpha version. People have to understand this. I think that it's better to start with bad and constantly show better and better product, than release something good but with huge delay and without updates. Thank you, -Arovax
  6. Tarun, What do you mean under the word "flop" ?
  7. Any comments about latest 1.2 version of Arovax Shield guys? Did you like it?
  8. Thank you for your words man, we really appreciate your feedback! Consider downloading Arovax AntiSpyware Alpha. It's free as well Thank you, -Arovax
  9. Rridgely, you are completely right, as always Thing is we are just studying the demand in this field. It is quite possible that soon we will release a cheap and reliable solution for anonymous surfing and crypting during data transfer. So any of you who have some ideas and would like to share them are welcome to write here how you see such an application and how you would like it to operate. Thank you -Arovax
  10. Gentlemen, What do you think about anonymous and secure web surfing and which programs do you use for that. Do you feel safe and secured with your program? Thank you -Arovax
  11. This is the only message you should get right now while trying to do Live Update. Why are you doing Live Update if you just installed the latest version? PS: Maybe you just forgot to turn on your Internet...
  12. Dear CCleaner forum users! We are happy to announce major Arovax Shield update. Released version is 1.2. A whole set of new features and functionalities was added. The most important among them are: * We added Firefox Support! Finally Firefox users can enjoy full functionality of Arovax Shield. * Great Live Update feature added. Live update - is a realtime update of Arovax Shield. Now each Arovax Shield user can press Start -> Programms -> Arovax Shield -> Arovax Shield LiveUpdate and have his Arovax Shield up to date with renewed version without visiting our websi
  13. Thank you for your advice, Tarun! We will certainly take this into consideration and possibly will try in the future. Thank you, -Arovax
  14. For now You can use Arovax Shield for this. http://www.arovaxshield.com (freeware product)
  15. Tarun, my friend, we have a staff with 10 people working on Arovax AntiSpyware in it, if you are ready to become our Sponsor and pay salaries to developers, then we will GLADLY leave all versions of Arovax AntiSpyware completely free. Thank you, -Arovax
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