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  1. This is a recurrence of an old problem that was solved when version 2.21.940 was released. Since v2.31, CCleaner will not empty Firefox Internet Cache. I am using Firefox 2.002 on Win98 SE2 {yes, I know, but version 2.30 does work on this system).
  2. I am happy to report that the latest release (v2.21.940) fully works on my Win98SE machine. The announcement for this release says "Fixed Win98 support". Thank you, Piriform developers!
  3. Thank you, Keith and Hazel. By experimenting with the various version on FileHippo, I now know that the last version to work on my Win98SE box is 2.14.763. Something must have changed after this.
  4. It's cold comfort, I know, but I am having exactly the same problem with CCleaner on two Win98SE boxes. Versions up to 2.14 have worked fine for years. Then I updated to the latest v2.16, and the "Clean" part of the program stopped finding anything to remove. Unfortunately I did not keep the v2.14 installer, but I have still got v2.07. I am now using this, and the program works again. So something has changed going from v2.14 to v2.16, making the new version incompatible with my Win98SE installations.
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