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    I'm a PC person, best for me is custom tomb raider games.
  2. Another free alternative is Paint.COM, this is not Paint.NET
  3. es0ftware.com is a weird domain name to me, would rather go straight to the source or buy at a store.
  4. Haha, that photo is very old, I am just somewhat getting old.
  5. Washington Cascade range, 10 miles east of town (Washougal), above the Columbia River Gorge.
  6. Our Wolf hybrid, Sissy, named her that because when strangers come over she acts like a sissy, but its really a Wolf charactistic. She is wagging to her tail at me.
  7. Added my real first name in signature. My username is w for William and real last name, also my site www.wmcintosh.com
  8. Usually add my age and gender, when the options are there to add, I rarely use a avatar.
  9. Thanks Stocker360. Hello and welcome wildbill.
  10. I even go to a subway when going on road trips (lunch and/or dinner, if possible).
  11. I rather have a Subway sandwich over McD's and other similar fast food places.
  12. Open Office is a free alternative that works on any OS.
  13. I have only one... Adblock Plus.
  14. Thank you hazelnut, kmillerusaf, DennisD.
  15. Just using XP Ripple background, it seems that I used forever now, won't change.
  16. wmcintosh

    Hello all

    Usually see an intro forum, guess not here. My name is William (44 years old), used CCleaner for quite awhile now, and I could have sworn I registered here already, oh well, most likely thought I did and didn't go through the process then. Anyway, hello.
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