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  1. And yours was what. Read first part of my post.
  2. I could careless what happens to XP or any other windows versions. I'm not a windows user any longer.
  3. Shows correct time on this end. DST Correction is unchecked Currently in DST is checked
  4. Prefer cats myself, nothing against dogs though. We have 11 cats, 4 dogs.
  5. @Mudd, good to see you, any activity keeps the mind active. My uncle had hip replacement early June (this year), all went well for him.
  6. Scam, yes, and not may be.
  7. Washington Stonehenge - A Tribute to WWI in Maryville I live just over an hour away from this. Click for larger photo.
  8. wmcintosh


    I'm wrong, were headed into the ice age, well, may be not. 35F and snowing.
  9. For nearly a decade relied on a router alone. This of course is my preference. Hate software firewalls, includes windows firewall.
  10. wmcintosh


    Yep, sure has, think we are almost done with winter like weather, finally heading to spring.
  11. Local news channel: virus protection caused world-wide problems
  12. wmcintosh


    Wish it were spring here, its missing. Light snow this morning, not much, doesn't stick around too long.
  13. Its a popular site, you're sharing with many others.
  14. Wish I had real broadband out here, well something other then satellite (which isn't broadband by any means, though its faster then dialup). Real broadband will become available on my death bed.
  15. Seems I get my fair share of downloading index.php, but I always think its my pathetic satellite connection causing it, hard to tell really whats causing it, been ongoing for sometime on any site that uses PHP.
  16. Happy Belated Birthday, DennisD.
  17. Some PHP, (x)html, css, and lastly some visual basic. Thinking about going back to college to learn more. Don't know really, its hard when my life style currently is pure laziness.
  18. Happy Holidays everyone.
  19. Took me long enough to respond, thanks everyone. Hope you have many more mudd.
  20. Possibly hidden by topic age. If you select in forum view the "from 30 days", bottom right, then click "show all" this will show more topics.
  21. Tried speedtest.net anyway, uploads should be better. Pings will always suck.
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