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  1. The second it goes to the windows boot picture it already automatically restarts so its impossible to go to safe mode now. I already tried Last Known Configuration a long time ago. And I dont't have any Winsows CD to do anything since my computer guy made the computer for me.
  2. I could not remember what the error was because it would take forever to pop up. I think it pretty just said it cannot proceed or something like that. But yesterday when I tried to restore, I had no more restore points... I had no clue what happened to them. And I already tried re-installing and re-registering Windows Installer and nothing ever worked. And I read somewhere that I should try un-installing XP Service Pack 3 and installing Windows Installer 3.1 but after I uninstalled the SP my computer would never start up again... every time it got to the windows logo screen it would keep resta
  3. Ive used CCleaner for over a year & this is the first time Im having a problem. & I do think CCleaner messed up my computer because in order to uninstall Windows Installer, something in the registry mustve been deleted. I tried to restore a long time ago in safe mode & when I click Next after I choose the date to restore to it just freezes & then gives me an error. & no I havent had any viruses or malware because I ran a full system check.
  4. I also cannot find my registry backups in Windows Explorer in My Documents.
  5. I did a clean up and I also cleaned up my registry and this is the first time it has made a big problem. When I did the registry clean up it would not let me delete any programs because it kept saying they are in use and I cannot go to Add/Remove Programs because it is not there anymore in the Control Panel and I cannot do a System Restore now either. I also cannot find the so called backups in Windows Explorer in My Documents folder. I also tried re-installing Windows Installer which did not work and I also tried to re-register it and that did not work either. Now I will have to call
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