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  1. at THany... Hey thanks for your input. I guess I should ask if anyone has any experience using Defraggler on Window's Small Business Server 2003 with Exchange Server Active. I am not trying to use Defraggler to defraf the Exchange database, I just want to make sure I will not run into any issues with it if I am defragging a drive that has the Exchange database file on it. Unfortunately, I do not have a lab environment to test this product on and I cannot afford to test it in a live environment. Also, has anyone run into any issues with RAID 5 from a hardware scsi controller on HP Proliant Servers. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi, I have numerous servers I work on running Window's Small Business Server 2003, on HP Proliant machines with a RAID 5 configuration. I would like to know if this configuration is supported. I have only seen references to RAID 0 and 1. Also, is there any known issues with defragging an Exchange 2003 database on SBS? Thanks in advance!
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