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  1. Same problem for me. Defraggler worked on my old drives, but I just got a 3B drive, and now I get a "Failed to build file list" message. Defraggler64.exe.2_6_3282011-07-21_07-42.txt
  2. Yes, which is what CC lets you do now. But in the past it let you remove all of the old points. I don't want to disable system restore. I just want to be able to sometimes remove all the old points (including the last one), when I'm confident that things are OK and I just want to do a thorough defrag or free up disk space or whatever.
  3. In the latest version you have disabled removal of most recent System restore point. I liked that feature for doing thorough cleaning. Can you at least control it with a setting, so that I can decide what I want to do myself? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, Every time I run CCleaner, my desktop wallpaper is removed. I use Thumbsplus to reset it, so it's not a big deal, but is there a setting I can uncheck to avoid this? Thanks! Helmer
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