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  1. I have been using CCleaner for some time now and I have been very satisfied with its capabilities. I have noted recently that I will get a large multimegabyte result on first run of analyze. Not believing my eyes, I run another analyze, and I see the result as less than one megabyte. Anyone care to comment? (Moderator: I am not sure where this post should go, so move it if necessary.)
  2. Well, I just finished updating to version 216.830. The download went fine. Why this time? No telling. This update is on my XPHome computer. The other two have yet to download more than 25kb of the 3.02Mb. We believe we know why the office network machines won't take the download. But we will keep trying. By the way, a colleague tried to install the program for the first time on his XPpro machine and could not get more than 25kb. Thanks for all of your responses. mitcorb
  3. Actually, my default browser is Internet Explorer, fully updated. Obviously, if I accessed the update through the Piriform console(is that the correct term?) I meant to say, if I use a browser, I prefer firefox, and you all know why. Internet Explorer remains default since so many applications expect it. I am no expert, but why does this condition happen only with the cc216 update? Other downloads I have performed with other applications have never prompted this way. May I suggest, naively, while I am looking for problems on this end, that someone much smarter than me see if there is any connection between the cc216 update code and Windows Updates, or Symantec updates or something like that, that may cause this error message?
  4. I tried both the alternate source on the Piriform page below the filehippo link and the filehippo link itself. I used Firefox as my browser and the link was accessed by the pear logo in the ccleaner console. I do not recall the image, but there did not appear to be anything out of the ordinary.
  5. please place this post in the appropriate section of the forum if this section is not proper. as you can see in the topic title, this is approximately the error message I see after downloading the update to desktop and then activating the install. I have removed the files each time I receive the message. I did a look around in the forum for a similar post but could not find one. If you have any suggestions please respond. This has occurred on two machines running in an office network with WinXP fully updated. One machine is a wireless tablet, the other is a cabled desktop. Thank you, mitcorb
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