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  1. I checked the byte count of my hard drive. It was 17,606,107,136. Then I added one restore point and the new byte count was 17,662,541,824 which when after subtracting the original byte count, showed that it added 56,434,688 bytes added for one restore point. I then ran CCCleaner, the latest version, with normal file deletion and empty recycle bin checked, and it said it removed .18 MB. The actual new byte count was 17,606,189,056 which indicates to me that it actually removed 56,352,768 bytes which is virtually all of the new restore point. CCCleaner is erasing my restore points and not j
  2. I am using normal deletion of my data. Some time ago, I used secure deletion but it took more time than I wanted it to, which is understandable. My System Restore disk percentage is currently set at max, which is 12% and is 17,849 megabytes of space on my C drive. Finally, in answer to your question about free space, I have 128GB of free space on the C drive and nothing on the D drive, i.e., to be specific, it is formatted but empty. I also followed the information about the monitoring of various drives and made sure monitoring was off on all drives except the C drive and that did not help e
  3. I simply want to add my findings to what has been reported. CC Cleaner is deleting my restore points as well. I am using Win XP Pro, with SP3 installed, everything updated, two large internal hard drives, one large external hard drive used for backups. I went to this site after I just realized that all except the last restore point was being deleted when I run CC Cleaner. I have no full hard drive issues. I went to the Piriform Forum and saw where other users are also losing restore points. Has there been any resolution to this issue? I went back and uninstalled CCCleaner, deleted all fi
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