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  1. The problem is that on 64-bit systems the 32-bit binary is still part of the installation (there's a CCleaner.exe and a CCleaner64.exe). Here's my assumption so you can correct me if I'm wrong. When you launch CCleaner the CCleaner.exe (32-bit) file is the one that's initially started even on 64-bit systems which upon launch the CCleaner.exe (32-bit) binary detects that your system is a 64-bit OS, launches the CCleaner64.exe binary, and then the 32-bit version exits. So if my assumption is correct here it doesn't matter if the 32-bit binary was the only one that was infected, 64-bit OS or not... you're still going to become infected. Heck, even the Scheduled Task that allows CCleaner to be auto-elevated without a UAC prompt is pointing to the CCleaner.exe (32-bit) binary.
  2. Oh good God, I had that version installed. Now I've got both Windows Defender and MalwareBytes scanning my system in full paranoid mode.
  3. Oh yes, I definitely found that to be a bit annoying as well. Items that I have pinned shouldn't be cleaned by CCleaner.
  4. I'd like to see CCleaner have the ability to clean the cache of Google Earth.
  5. I've tried this several time but CCleaner doesn't clean the past-typed URLs of the address bar in FireFox.
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