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  1. "According to the latest United Nations scientific report, leading scientists around the world agree that man-made greenhouse gases from fossil fuels are causing global warming. Effects are already being seen worldwide. And long-term consequences are devastating, pointing to a darker future each day we fail to act." For complete article click here From many decades, scientists from various contries are talking about global warming issues and changes that can occur in weather but now everybody is feeling changes in weather cycle. What do you feel about it and suggest some ways to stop it.
  2. Do you also wish a new look for it, if yes then how it should lokk like?
  3. What type of computer hardware you wish to have in future, i mean any sort of creative model that comes in your mind, the way you wish to see your future machine, post either it's description or it's image
  4. There are general security tips that apply to all operating systems, of course, but each operating system platform provides its own security challenges. The following tips are tailored to Microsoft Windows XP. 1. Disable dangerous features. Microsoft Windows systems come with a number of features enabled by default that do little or nothing for convenience, but introduce significant security risks. Among these are Autorun, the Guest account, and even Automatic Updates ? because letting someone in Redmond, WA decide when changes should be made to your system, when he has no idea what software you?re running and you haven?t tested the updates yet, is a bad idea. Microsoft Windows provides many features that are activated by default and either poorly conceived from a security perspective or, at best, unnecessary for the vast majority of users. Each of these features introduces its own risks, and any that you do not need should be deactivated. 2. Disable unneeded services. In addition to local operating system features, you should disable unneeded services. Almost exactly one year ago, my article 10 services to turn off in MS Windows XP provided a brief checklist of services to turn off ? or to ensure you know why you?re leaving them on, at least. The list is not comprehensive, of course, but it is a good start. 3. Employ good email security practices. Make use of some basic email security tips to ensure you do not invite the bad guys to read your email, flood you with spam, and take advantage of you through phishing techniques. For complete article click here
  5. Good article, thanks for the post, keep posting
  6. What type of defect is there, i mean what was the exact defect message that was displayed on your monitor screen
  7. Monalisa


    Defraggler is a defragmentation program developed by Piriform Ltd. Defraggler allows users to defragment individual files on their computer system. Defraggler is offered free of charge to anyone, though Piriform accepts donations for the program. Defraggler can defragment individual files, groups of files, or free space on any FAT32 or NTFS partition. It also displays the location of these files on the specified partition. Defraggler is also a portable program that can be used from a USB flash drive. The current version of Defraggler takes a low amount of disk memory. Defraggler runs on Microsoft Windows; it has support for all versions since Windows 2000. It includes support for both 32- and 64-bit versions of these operating systems.
  8. I never had any such problem, so can't suggest you anything
  9. I do like cats and have one cat
  10. Which antivirus software provide maximum security to one's computer and is best to use ? Kindly answer me as I am sick of these virus attacks to my PC
  11. Monalisa

    chip repair

    One of the chip on the motherboard of my PC is not working due to which PC got some problem, i wish to know either i should get repaired motherboard or should i replace it? How costly is chip repair, kindly let me know
  12. Greetings! My name is Monalisa Parker, I am new to this forum and hope to have great time here.
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