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  1. Right click IE icon - > General -> temp files . Here you can set the cache .
  2. No install distro : http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html ( dvd or cd version ) you don't need to install it , it's a live distro ! great , lot of apps and test environment , you can use it as a OS rescue Best ( imho ) install and user friendly : Suse professional 9.3 For your start in linux world you can try mandriva too ( ex mandrake ) , pnp , user oriented ... for newbie http://www.mandriva.com/ if you ask to a "pure GNU | HURD " user about which distro use : www.debian.org Lot of distro reviews : http://distrowatch.com/ If you want to test linux as a fi
  3. PDF Creator ! is freeware and it works great !!!! http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/ Is a sourceforge project
  4. I usually use and install on every user spybot that run and automatically clean and update his definition every tuesday ( with advanced scheduled tasks ) at lunch time . No interaction for user , no worries
  5. Hello All , first of all i want to thank everyone that is involved with cc fot the great work , i found it very good !!! I want to know if there are some option to install CCleaner in a automatic way ( i mean f.e to tell to /S option to start when computer starts and to didn't check for update ) . It will be very appreciated for example in a office environment . Thanks to everyone again ! Max
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