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  1. :unsure: Can someone recommend a free backup program. I downloaded FBackup 4 but it needs a lot of plugins which I really don't understand nor do I know how to install the plugins. Is there a program which just can backup everything and then only those files that have changed? I'm not very knowledgeable about the computer. I'd appreciate whatever help you can give me.


    :huh: What is the easiest way to find out the version number of the programs installed on my computer. I use FileHippo to get most updates but not all my programs are listed. InstallShield hasn't updated anything since 2008 and only has 3 programs that it checks for. Should I just uninstall it and what is the best way so that I can also delete any registry keys associated with it? Thanks for any and all help.

  3. I'm looking for firewall information. No idea if I should go for a free (free is always better) or a paid-for firewall. I'm the only one on the computer, do little shopping or surfing. Been researching and more confused than ever. Tried Comodo but found it very difficult to use so looking for one that is easy and I put the emphasis on easy. Also want one that doesn't slow the computer down. Read about leak prevention, don't have a clue what that is but it sounds bad. Also need to know if I need a software and hardware firewall. Read on one of the firewalls about a desktop security audit. Is that something I need too? Right now I have a free version of Sunbelt. Please help and thanks ahead of time. :huh:

  4. Now you didn't say you were printing web pages before. This is a Recuva forum what does that have to do with printing web pages. You said print out the instructions for Recuva??? As your username suggests crazy all day. :rolleyes:


    Do as Andavari suggests. ;)


    :huh: Yes, I am trying to print out the instructions on how to use Recuva. But my browser is Firefox and that's where I print from. If I just hit Ctrl>print, I can't preview what's printing and I like to preview because there are times when there's a page I don't want to print out. Don't remember if the Recuva pg had a print feature...if it did, then I printed it out but it was so small it gave me a headache trying to read it. I'd have to read the posts back to make sure but I might have mentioned that the Microsoft website usually has extremely small print....I was just using it as a reference in regards to the small print(font) problem. If I can't make myself clear, then I release you from any further help to a poor, struggling computer operator. :lol: Thanks anyway. Thought there must be an easy way to increase font size but I'll just have to go buy a magnifying glass.

  5. Your welcome crazy all day. ;)


    <_< Tried the screen resolution but it made no difference when I printed out the doc. Reverted back to the size of the print it was. I use Firefox and I can change the percentage in the print menu to get larger type but I run into problems when a page has extremely small print. When I try to change to a larger percentage, then the end of the line won't be on the page. It must have something to do with the particular webpage because most webpages will wrap the lines even if I go to a larger percentage. Microsoft is notorious for their print being teeny tiny and I can't go up on the percentage or I lose the end. I'm sure this isn't very clear, but believe me it ain't clear to me either.

  6. You have no real way of checking out the forum scripting to my knowledge as it's using Invision Power Board ("IPB") forum software. You aren't the first to have an issue with IPB running slow or weird, I've had more than my fair share of it over the years. However the majority of issues I have with stalling on any site is because of Firefox and nothing else but it's an issue I'll just deal with since it's my browser of choice.


    Thanks for responding so quickly. Firefox is also my browser so maybe I'll see if I can find an answer there because I think I may be having some other problems with the browser.

  7. It depends on your CPU speed, amount of RAM and hard drive speed.


    For example my XP Home system has 2.4GHZ P4 and 512MB RAM and my XP Pro system has 2.8GH P4 and 768MB RAM and is about twice as fast due to faster hard drive.


    Belarc Advisor will give you all the information that you need:



    Did Belarc the other day because of another problem with my system. Running WinXP PRO Media Center SP2, 2.80Gz RAM P4,74.97 GB with 47.45GB HD free space. No idea how this helps. Could you explain it to me? What would the fix be?

  8. Is there anyone out there who knows how I can possibly get the font bigger so that I can print out the instructions for Recuva??? I'm old but not THAT old. I have to go to 80% on Firefox to get everything on the page and it's so small I need a magnifying glass PLUS my reading glasses. Please help a squinty-eyed female!!! And yes, I did take off my shades.

  9. Sounds crazy but I have consistently over the past few days of being in this site had a problem with my mouse when I use the scroll bar. I recently got a Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000 Keyboard and Mouse. Lately, anytime I am in this site I put the cursor on the scroll bar and/or use the wheel and the hourglass shows up and it's mucho seconds before it will move. Once the initial hourglass pause releases I can scroll just fine but everytime I change pages, I have to go through the same hair-pulling, gut-wrenching process. What is nuts is it happens only in this site. I have not had this problem anywhere else. Does anyone have any idea?

  10. I have a Dell Photo AIO Printer 924. I'm running Windows XP. I installed a Windows Update which started this nightmare. Don't know what the update did but after it finished I had no printer. Called Dell twice and it took 2x to finally get my printer back. However, I now have both a Dell Photo AIO Printer 924 AND a Dell AIO Photo Printer 924(2) with the (2) being the default printer. The Dell tech said no biggie but it seems to me that it is. Why would I want two on there? Is there a way to get rid of the extra one and can I make the (2) the original. Note: I'm sure this is as clear as mud.


    Also the preferences that I set will not stay set. I went into Faxes&Printers and changed to preferences the way I wanted and it will not take it. When I go into preferences, it looks the way I set it but when I go to print it shows something different. What am I doing wrong? I'd appreciate any help because I am very frustrated and hate to call Dell again.

  11. I hear ya. It's good to know information definitely. My job makes me cringe sometimes. You go to user's desks and they have the last 5 updates of Java still installed on their computer, haven't had Windows Updates done in a year, and A/V definitions are 30-60 days old. I just want to scream sometimes! :P


    Newbie here...have done both of those things but what are A/V definitions? I'm having problems with an extremely slow boot up and shut down and trying to get my computer in good running condition w/o paying $$$ to a tech. Re your post: I've been screaming a lot lately!

  12. The cute Filehippo's mouse checks for me every reboot and I like to see its eyes pop open when it is actually checking:



    It has the "Pulse of the Web" :lol:


    I'm a new member and trying to get some help. I also have filehippo updatechecker but it doesn't start every time I boot up. How do I get it to do that? Right now I'm having a problem with extremely slow startup so I won't have it start until I can get fixes for my problem but would like it for future use. Thanks

  13. Something does sound fishy about your setup. Deleting items that startup at boot will help decrease start up time and deleting big files off your desktop would too. I am not sure what the policy is to linking to other forums but there is an awesome forum that helps with malware removal...


    Mods... Can I post the link?


    Had some really big files on my desktop. Didn't realize that they would load every time I started up (duh!). They are now gone and it made a little bit of difference but it still takes longer than it should. Gonna put my Hijack This log on the malware removal site and see if I can find out something there. Also will check Windows Update to see if I have everything I need and download SP3.

  14. SP3 has been available for over 6 months and has several security fixes so you should go to Windows Update in IE then select Tools then Windows Update then let it run and it will take a long time to update and probably a couple of reboots and checking Windows Update until all updates are applied.


    Go to Control Panel then Automatic Updates then select Automatic (recommended)



    Windows has many places to start things so a HijackThis log will show what is starting.


    I knew SP3 was out but thought it was still Beta. Someone said to wait until it had been out a few months before I got it so the bugs could be worked out. Will go & get it. Had Automatic Update and was getting things I didn't need so went to the one where you can choose yourself, but don't seem to get updates near as often as I did before. Should I really go back to Automatic and if so, what can I do about the ones I don't need?


    Also, you said that Windows has many places to start things so a HijackThis log will show what is starting. Didn't understand that. Could you please be more specific? Thanks.

  15. What is the CPU type and speed and how much RAM does the system have?


    Belarc Advisor can help find the information:



    Even my old 500MHZ PIII 512MB RAM system only takes 2-3 minutes to boot up.


    An expert can look at your HijackThis log if you like if you open a New Topic in Spyware Hell:



    Have 1.99 RAM; Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHz; 69.82 GB w/63% free space. Running Windows XP Media Center. Downloaded Belarc Advisor...very nice to know exactly what I've got even tho I don't understand most of it. Got a little freaked out at the Benchmark Score because I failed miserably...started getting real freaked out till started reading the details; they had an X on current service pack and they talked about SP1 which I have SP2. Only got a perfect score on 1 section and it only had 2 entries. :lol: So figured I better get ya'lls expert advise before I went over the bend. I copied both of the docs in My Docs. Concerned about the Critical and Security Hotfixes. I'm on Windows Update but haven't gone on the site personally in quite a while. Do they not send everything I need through Windows Update?


    I will send the HijackThis log per your suggestion.


    Don't have anything in my Startup Folder. Will delete some of the files off my desktop to see if that makes a difference. I will also do the system file checker tho I don't have but one installation CD and according to Ask Leo Media Center makes running SFC a little more time consuming.

  16. As well as following the advice given by kmillerusef, would you like to tell us what problems you are having and we will try to help.

    :( Ppreciate help given so far.


    System takes about 5 min. or so to startup, restart, shutdown. Have run several programs and they all come back that my system is clean...no problems. Have nothing in my startup file. I've run Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleanup, Malwarebyte's, McAfee and everything looks clean. But, it shouldn't take that long to startup and shutdown. Also today the cursor has turned into a hourglass almost everytime I try to use the scrollbar. Never had that happen before.


    I have a program called Error Repair Tool which stopped working correctly and contacted them. They had me download Hijack This and run a scan. Then they told me to delete certain items. Unfortunately, I didn't know what I was doing and some of the things they wanted me to delete I think I needed. I put back some of the items they had me delete but not sure about other ones. However, my system was incredibly slow in starting up and shutting down before I did the Hijack This. As I am not at all computer literate, I don't know what else to check.

  17. :unsure: I recently downloaded CCleaner and cleaned Windows. However, when it brought up the files that were going to be deleted I got nervous. I'm not very proficient on the computer and have been having some problems but as of yet haven't been able to isolate what it is. My ? is can I print out the log that CCleaner gave me so that if anything bad happens I'll have a hard copy of what was done. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. I may be worrying needlessly. :( I am also new to forums so have no idea what I'm doing.

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