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  1. Can someone recommend a free backup program. I downloaded FBackup 4 but it needs a lot of plugins which I really don't understand nor do I know how to install the plugins. Is there a program which just can backup everything and then only those files that have changed? I'm not very knowledgeable about the computer. I'd appreciate whatever help you can give me.
  2. What is the easiest way to find out the version number of the programs installed on my computer. I use FileHippo to get most updates but not all my programs are listed. InstallShield hasn't updated anything since 2008 and only has 3 programs that it checks for. Should I just uninstall it and what is the best way so that I can also delete any registry keys associated with it? Thanks for any and all help.
  3. There surely is a simple way to find out the version # of any program. I went into CCleaner, also have Defraggler and Recuva but didn't have a clue how to find the version number I'm running. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  4. I'm looking for firewall information. No idea if I should go for a free (free is always better) or a paid-for firewall. I'm the only one on the computer, do little shopping or surfing. Been researching and more confused than ever. Tried Comodo but found it very difficult to use so looking for one that is easy and I put the emphasis on easy. Also want one that doesn't slow the computer down. Read about leak prevention, don't have a clue what that is but it sounds bad. Also need to know if I need a software and hardware firewall. Read on one of the firewalls about a desktop security audit. Is that something I need too? Right now I have a free version of Sunbelt. Please help and thanks ahead of time.
  5. Yes, I am trying to print out the instructions on how to use Recuva. But my browser is Firefox and that's where I print from. If I just hit Ctrl>print, I can't preview what's printing and I like to preview because there are times when there's a page I don't want to print out. Don't remember if the Recuva pg had a print feature...if it did, then I printed it out but it was so small it gave me a headache trying to read it. I'd have to read the posts back to make sure but I might have mentioned that the Microsoft website usually has extremely small print....I was just using it as a reference in regards to the small print(font) problem. If I can't make myself clear, then I release you from any further help to a poor, struggling computer operator. Thanks anyway. Thought there must be an easy way to increase font size but I'll just have to go buy a magnifying glass.
  6. Tried the screen resolution but it made no difference when I printed out the doc. Reverted back to the size of the print it was. I use Firefox and I can change the percentage in the print menu to get larger type but I run into problems when a page has extremely small print. When I try to change to a larger percentage, then the end of the line won't be on the page. It must have something to do with the particular webpage because most webpages will wrap the lines even if I go to a larger percentage. Microsoft is notorious for their print being teeny tiny and I can't go up on the percentage or I lose the end. I'm sure this isn't very clear, but believe me it ain't clear to me either.
  7. Thanks for responding so quickly. Firefox is also my browser so maybe I'll see if I can find an answer there because I think I may be having some other problems with the browser.
  8. Did Belarc the other day because of another problem with my system. Running WinXP PRO Media Center SP2, 2.80Gz RAM P4,74.97 GB with 47.45GB HD free space. No idea how this helps. Could you explain it to me? What would the fix be?
  9. The last week or so when I launch Firefox it seems to take an inordinate amt of time. Does anyone have any ideas why? Previously I had no problem and I have no idea where to start to troubleshoot this.
  10. How do I check that out? No idea what a forum script is. Is that a script used by the forum and if so, why doesn't it happen to everyone?
  11. Is there anyone out there who knows how I can possibly get the font bigger so that I can print out the instructions for Recuva??? I'm old but not THAT old. I have to go to 80% on Firefox to get everything on the page and it's so small I need a magnifying glass PLUS my reading glasses. Please help a squinty-eyed female!!! And yes, I did take off my shades.
  12. Sounds crazy but I have consistently over the past few days of being in this site had a problem with my mouse when I use the scroll bar. I recently got a Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000 Keyboard and Mouse. Lately, anytime I am in this site I put the cursor on the scroll bar and/or use the wheel and the hourglass shows up and it's mucho seconds before it will move. Once the initial hourglass pause releases I can scroll just fine but everytime I change pages, I have to go through the same hair-pulling, gut-wrenching process. What is nuts is it happens only in this site. I have not had this problem anywhere else. Does anyone have any idea?
  13. I have a Dell Photo AIO Printer 924. I'm running Windows XP. I installed a Windows Update which started this nightmare. Don't know what the update did but after it finished I had no printer. Called Dell twice and it took 2x to finally get my printer back. However, I now have both a Dell Photo AIO Printer 924 AND a Dell AIO Photo Printer 924(2) with the (2) being the default printer. The Dell tech said no biggie but it seems to me that it is. Why would I want two on there? Is there a way to get rid of the extra one and can I make the (2) the original. Note: I'm sure this is as clear as mud. Also the preferences that I set will not stay set. I went into Faxes&Printers and changed to preferences the way I wanted and it will not take it. When I go into preferences, it looks the way I set it but when I go to print it shows something different. What am I doing wrong? I'd appreciate any help because I am very frustrated and hate to call Dell again.
  14. Newbie here...have done both of those things but what are A/V definitions? I'm having problems with an extremely slow boot up and shut down and trying to get my computer in good running condition w/o paying $$$ to a tech. Re your post: I've been screaming a lot lately!
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