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  1. Hazelnut, unfortunately your idea did not work. Do you think I should post this problem elsewhere (on more general purpose sites)? It could have possibly just been a coincidence.
  2. Try checking to make sure that it does the operation but does not report it. It could also be that a file is refusing to get deleted and Ccleaner is not saying it is finished because of it. If it is the first problem, simply ignore it. If it is the second, manually find and delete the file yourself and Ccleaner will be running normally. It could also be that Ccleaner is not in administrator mode, which would prevent it from getting access to the files it wants to delete. Just guesses but hopefully correct ones.
  3. Ultimate Windows Tweaker did nothing to my icons, the loss of transparency happened after a ccleaner scan. The icons affected are all the program ones, (this is most noticeable on the desktop). Hazelnut, what are you suggest I should do?
  4. I still need help, none of the techniques worked so far. This is beyond me. I'm trying to not sound rude. I have tried another technique. Ultimate Windows Tweaker registry hack and folder options settings in different orders.
  5. From what I heard of, here is what happened Windows Explorer is not working. To fix this, first press the famous ctrl+alt+del key sequence and select "Start Task Manager" go to file, select the create new task option, type "explorer.exe". If at the last step you get an error message, type instead "cmd.exe" and from there type "explorer.exe". If the command prompt is not visible, switch to it anyway and type the command anyway also. Windows Explorer should restart and everything should be back to normal. If you have already done this, try searching for explorer crashes for the only other solution I can think of is to back up all your data and reinstall Windows. Sorry for the long explanation.
  6. I have tried toggling the color bit depth between 16 and 24 bit, it did not work unfortunately. At your suggestion, I set a program's compatibility to 256 colors and went into it and exited. Nothing doing. Postscript: From what I heard while trying to find a solution elsewhere, what you mentioned resets the file iconcache.db located at [dive letter]\Users\[your user name]\AppData\local. Which, ironically, is the same as deleting it.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to mention what I tried, here it is as follows: switching between icon-only mode and thumbnails, toggling bit depth, and a few other methods from web searches. None worked. If that is the cause, then any clue on how to restore the accidentally deleted files, and protect them from deletion in future scans?
  8. After running Ccleaner 2.13 when it first came out, all my icons have lost their transparency and instead are bordered by white. This issue is resolved if I select "always use icons and never thumbnails" in the folder options menu. Considering this is undesirable, is there a way to fix this, and has what caused this in 2.13 been fixed in the latest version (2.16)? I've uploaded a picture my desktop excluding the sidebar and taskbar to show what happened. Thanks for helping, Catzilla4. Postscript: this what I am currently using, Dell Inspiron 1721 AMD chipset (2GB decimal, 2.0 GHz Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology) Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
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