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  1. Guh! I was digging around there too for a possible answer. Anyways, thank you! :3 I was beginning to think my drive was a little bit screwed, if you know what I mean.
  2. I absolutely ADORE CCleaner and I forced all of my friends to get it, but I downloaded Defraggler, and while I love this Piriform software just as much, something is aggravating me. I just defragged with this, and once I got done, I was hovering over the boxes just to see how many files were in each box for the heck of it. There are two long strings of blue boxes with files in them all, but on the next string, there are a ton of purple boxes that say No Files Are In This Block. Also, a bunch of light blue ones that are randomly placed in areas of free space that say No Files Are In This Block.
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