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  1. I use IE7 and until I started using CCleaner they never changed. I will run some tests and get back to you. Z
  2. When I run CCleaner I notice that all of my Favorites (or Bookmarks) are sorted into alphanumeric order. I have a reason to NOT sort certain favorite folders into alphanumeric order. Is there an option in CCleaner to tell C Cleaner to not sort my Favorites? Thanks.
  3. Is there a Help section or an FAQ the describes each of the selections and what it looks for and the rationale as to why CCleaner wants to delete these entires? I haven't found anything and am reluctant to do a carte blanche delete of some of the items. Thanks. Z
  4. That is what i was going to do. Except the Cookies to Delete box had much more than my new Cookies. It is like CCleaner is using the wrong Cookie list.
  5. Thanks. I am sure that there are some logs and Hotfixes that I want to delete. I will do the analyze and copy the file to somewhere and delete manually. When XP SP2 came out, I manually deleted all of the SP1 fixes. I guess I can do the same for SP2 fixes since I now have SP3. I will have to do some research. Although your way does sound good. I just have to get my head around it. Thanks.
  6. I did but I unchecked it based upon another post I read in the forum. Thanks.
  7. I was under the impression (probably wrong) that the logs and uninstallers for the MS Updates were needed in case you wanted to uninstall one of the fixes. Is this not true? I do know I have tried to uninstall some products or fixes (Not MS Updates) and got the message that it could not find the log file. It was actually in another library and I had to move it to the correct library so it could delete the program. I just need a confident feeling that I am not deleting something I might need later.
  8. I have (or had) most of my folders set up to display as Icons. After running CCleaner, most of them are now all set to Tiles. A few of them are set to Film Strips. The ones that were set to Thumbnails were left alone. Do you know where or which selection caused this to change so I can make sure I do not select that function again. Thanks.
  9. I am new at CCleaner. I ran CCleaner Analyze and Cleaner file by file on what I felt were "safe" files to delete. I do not remember checking Cookies but when I went to one of my sites, the settings were gone. When I went to my USER Cookie file it was empty!. So I went to several sites and reset my options and sign-ons and looked at the USER Cookies and I had 26 entries with my new settings. So that I would not lose these Cookies again, I went to CCleaner and selected Cookies on the Option screen to copy these special Cookies over to the do not delete list and the Cookie list contains lots more cookies than in the USER cookies list. I know that there are several instances of Cookies in the system. Is CCleaner getting the correct Cookies list for me to search through? I was expecting to only see the 26 Cookies that I found in the USER Cookies list. Thanks.
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