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  1. There's only one user/account for my comp..me and I have admin access..
  2. PerfectDisk gets my vote. Diskeeper's defragmenting process might be faster than PerfectDisk's, but the quality of Diskeeper's defragmentation is horrible. I couldn't even tell if defragmenting w/Diskeeper really did anything to my computer. The only rant I have about PerfectDisk is the time it takes to defrag. P.S. I have also heard great things about O&O Defrag..haven't personally tried it but plan on testing it when my new laptop comes in.
  3. ZoneLab's current software version of 6.0 is buggy..would wait until they fix all the bugs and come out with an update..which should be soon. There's a beta being tested right now and should be out shortly. But until then..check out www.filseclab.com. Their firewall hasn't failed me yet..extremely light on cpu resources and memory..and its GUI/Interface is, if not as easy as ZoneLab's ZoneAlarm.
  4. Ahhh...I have the same problem as you..except only the first registry key isn't deleting on my system. Did you find a solution?
  5. After I press the 'Scan for Issues' button.. Problem: Unused file extension Data: ?- Registry key: HKCR\? shows up. I tried clicking 'Fix issue' and 'Fix all issues' but it isn't deleting the registry key. This has happened to me in the previous version as well..but the funny thing is that it doesn't start happening until a couple days of me using CCleaner. I got rid of the last version of CCleaner b/c of this annoying bug..and figured it'd be fixed in the updated version but I guess not. Any ideas? ..it says that this registry key is left behind from uninstalling software but I don't recall uninstalling any software recently. Please help! ..thanks in advance!
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