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  1. Wow, you really lack the social skills Alan_B. And what's the point of these forums if not to hear the voice of their customers for feedback and improvement suggestions, which my post is - to improve the Mac version of CCleaner. It's not like I asked them to give me their first born or spill out blood... In any case, I appreciate their time, thats why I donated to keep up the good work on software which I use on daily basis for many years now.
  2. Any developers to answer my question please?
  3. No problem, Im using CCleaner on Windows since first beta and got used to the secure overwriting hope they put it in Mac version as well.
  4. Hi Dennis, I cannot find this option in CCleaner Mac? Do I need to do something to enable options tab because I can only see Cleaner and Tools. Version 1.00.077 beta 5 Mac No, I wasnt talking about Recuva.
  5. Do you guys plan on implementing secure overwriting of files in CCleaner (something like 1-pass, 7-pass, etc. in Windows version of CCleaner)? In any case, thank you so much for the software, its become the integral part of my "first aid" usb stick
  6. Tried normal and deep scan, with and without all checkboxes, no luck Thanks though.
  7. Hello, I've just started using this neat piece of software due to fact I moved some essential files to new HDD which failed on me few days ago. Now, since I still have the original HDD from where the files were moved (I just need Thunderbird profiles and mail archive from "Documents and settings -> Username -> Local settings -> Thunderbird -> Profiles"), I was wondering can I recover _moved_ files? Thank you and looking forward to any reply.
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