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  1. Wyo did you have a read here as Augeus suggested?




    Also have a read here




    I've read these and they do not appear to pertain to my situation but I have done more testing and I think I have, at least for myself, isolated the problem so that it no longer effects me.



    • I discovered that when I would empty the recycle bin, all by itself, not using CCleaner, that the restore points would be deleted.

    • I uninstalled CCleaner and tested the Empty Recycle Bin feature and the restore points were fine.

    • I re-installed CCleaner leaving UNchecked any of the boxes relating to the recycle bin. Now I can run CCleaner with the Empty Recycle Bin option selected, as well as use the Recycle Bin on its own, and neither are deleting the restore points.


    I tested all of these several times, while also restarting the computer, so I am fairly confident that this was the problem.

  2. You could try (swiped from M/S webpage)


    1. Click Start, click Run, type eventvwr.msc /s in the Open box, and then press Enter.

    2. Click the System category.

    3. Click the Source tab to sort by name, and then look for "sr" or "srservice." Double-click each of these services, and then evaluate the event description for any indication of the cause of the problem.


    Let us know what you find.


    It only lists the problem "The System Restore service has been suspended because there is not enough disk space available on the drive..." no other information.


    Regarding your earlier post, it appears to me that the tests show that memory has nothing to do with it.

  3. Hi,


    First of all, thank you very much for your help.


    From what I understood, every time you run the Cleaning process in the Cleaner screen you get your restore points deleted.


    You will have to tell us what items you have checked in the Cleaner screen.


    Can you also do another favor?


    1 - Create restore points (1 or 2 and make sure they are ok)

    2 - Run the Cleaner screen cleaning process

    3 - Right click the Text panel and save the log to a file

    4 - then you can post here or email me directly.


    There is another way to get to the root of the problem... You can check one item at a time in the Cleaner screen and run the cleaning process until you get the restore points deleted and then you know which item caused it. Please let us know then.




    I've pinpointed it to System/Empty Recycle Bin. The analysis found nothing to be removed but I ran it anyway and it deleted my restore points. I ran it a second time to verify and then also received the "suspended because of not enough disk space" error message.


    Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Cholio,


    I am sorry to hear that you are probably having problems with CCleaner.


    We are investigating this issue and haven't been able to reproduce the problem.


    Would you be able to follow what Augeas suggested on Post #11? Just would like to suggest that on item number 3 you select one type of Registry Integrity (check only one) at a time so we can narrow down the options.


    Please let us know your findings so we can have more details about the problem you are experiencing.


    Thank you


    I ran the test that you asked for and hopefully my results will help you find the problem.


    Before I started I had 6 Restore Points. I ran the registry analysis selecting only one type at a time. There were no issues found for any of these options. Then I ran just the Cleaner. It found about 58 MB to remove which I did. I went to System Restore and all my restore points were gone and I received an error message that stated that System Restore was being suspended because there was not enough disk space and would I like to run disk cleanup. (I know I am fine on memory.) So I decided to run a new test. I setup another restore point. (There was now two restore points listed.) I ran the registry analysis again with all options selected and, once again, there were no issues found. I rechecked the system restore at this point and the two restore points were still listed. I re-ran the Cleaner, this time it listed only 0.18 MB to be removed. Now my two restore points have been deleted again.


    Hope this helps you to find the problem.



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