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  1. to the current version of ccleaner version 2.22.968 in recent past versions, the ccleaner, in the Tools (=uninstall) section, had support for typing the first letter of the software from the software list, and the ccleaner will quick jump the the first (and next) value according what you have typed, for example, 'M' will send you direct the the first program started with M (for example Microsoft .Net 2.0 Service Pack 2). Sadly this is no longer working... possibly a bug, this simple list behaviur has huge time-saving potential (along with a high satisfaction ratio of work fas
  2. I Have made 2 small execute that ease up the defrag process for entire drive they are best used for: • Shell "Right Click" on Drives (in "My Computer" for example) • Manually Setting a Tasked Job under Windows. Shell Assist and Shell Assist Hidden should be putted in same directory as df.exe I will give a full manual, screens attached for setting it manually. basically those programs are simple Visual Basic 6 program that uses the command df.exe [drive letter]: I have notice that the existing posts about context defrag in this forum using a slightly diffe
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