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  1. I'd imagine so, W7 isn't all that different from Vista. I bet Microsoft didn't even update its own defrag utility.
  2. It must be trying to defrag a file that is larger than the largest contiguous space on your hard drive. When you defragged your free space that should have made a larger contiguous space and allowed the file to defrag.
  3. Queue up multiple drives to defrag, or even defrag two drives at once. I'm sure two different hard drives could easily pull off a simultaneous defrag, and with modern CPUs, I/O ops barely take up much CPU time anyways. The shut down after defrag option would be useful if I could do it all at once. Why would someone defrag only one of their drives at night when they go to bed (which is when I assume this feature will be used), anyways? Also, in addition to queuing defrags, it'd be nice if you could also queue Verifies and Free Space Defrags.
  4. It's not like the RAM would be unusable after it was unallocated.
  5. No problems in Vista 64 here. You might want to check which files Defraggler detects as fragmented, because the System Restore files (stored in C:\System Volume Information) often get fragmented and are quite large, which means longer defrag time. Also, it's worth mentioning that computer hardware differs greatly, and your Vista hard drive might be slower. Vista Pre-SP1 also has some disk I/O issues so make sure you're updated on that, too.
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