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  1. Yes, I found stopzilla.com in the hpHosts file listing. Thank you for the information. What spyware software do you recommend? I just installed this version, too, with no alerts. All is well.
  2. I've always downloaded CCleaner from Filehippo.com. Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but what is the significance of this: "its site is blocked in the hpHosts HOSTS file" I'm wondering if I should uninstall Stopzilla because I also have Spysweeper on my computer. I read the article you linked and they do the same thing, right?
  3. I tried installing the latest version of CCleaner. When I click on the execution file ccsetup215.exe for installation, I get a spyware alert from my spyware detection software Stopzilla. It lists "UpdateWin" as the culprit. CCleaner says there is no spyware in their software, but Stopzilla says otherwise. This was never a problem on earlier versions of CCleaner. Any suggestions?
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