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  1. Thanks you guys a lot. Well, I know it is only a beta and fortunately I always back-up my files when I install new stuff. I had re-installed my windows and never run CCleaner again. Well, I suppose there should have lots of people having the same problem. I am not blaming CCleaner, I have already taken my own risk. I just want to find the solution. If everyone is only allowed to install programmes that claim to support Windows 7, I cannot imagine who will still use it. (You can't even use Windows live, Office..., well same as live in a house without an article of funiture) I did report this issue to Microsoft too. I really hope that I can use the CCleaner again. I MISS YOU SO MUCH...
  2. after running the CCleaner, the language bar of win 7 disappears i have run a full clean up with all items been chosen how can i restore my language bar?
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