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  1. Hello. Still will not download. Cheers.
  2. Hello All. Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions, they are appreciated. Cheers. Bud.
  3. A pleasant 60 here.... LOL
  4. Hello All. I am using Nod 32 and was wondering how to go about deleting the "all" of the log files contained within the program. Currently CCleaner does not have a "winapp2.ini" for this task, at least not one that I could locate. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated Bud.
  5. Hi all. Use Eset Nod 32. No problems so far and it does not seem to hard on the resources. Bud
  6. At minus 3C its short time LOL
  7. Hello all. It is a lovely -36F with the wind chill in Dryden Ontario Canada. Cheers.
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