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  1. What can cCleaner Pro do, that "normal" cCleaner can not do ? Is it possible to try the pay-version as trail ?
  2. Good Morning & Good Sunday ... .exe openwithlist - Eksplorer .Ink openwithlist - Eksplorer .xps open with Progids They just turn up every time, even though cCleaner have removed them ... What are these things ?
  3. Thanka a LOT, Andavari ! - That was nice to know, and it helped Greetings from J?rn in Denmark
  4. Hey Piriform Community Forums cCleaner, the last one, keep finding ".lnk/openwithlist". I set it to remove it, and it turn up next time. What is it ? And why can?t it be fixed ? Greetings from J?rn Rudolph in Denmark
  5. Hi DennisD and Andavari ! Thanks for your fine help. Sorry that I sounded so unfriendly and impatient ... Now I am more sure of what to do. Greetings From J?rn Rudolph in Denmark
  6. Hi again Forum - Well I asked a quistion 13. january - and still no answer. Are you awake? Well I know it is not so long ago, but still.... I just wonder if it is a good idea or not to mark the programs MS Office, Foxit Reader and others? What happen if they are marked and what happpen if they are not ? Greetings J?rn Rudolph
  7. Hi Piriform Forum! I like CCleaner, and it is good, that it also support Opera as well as IE and Firefox Should I mark the Programmes : Foxit Reader, Abobe Flash Player, MS Office and others? What do CCleaner do, if I mark these programs? And what happen, if I do not mark them? Best Wishes to you All J?rn Rudolph Copenhagen in Denmark
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