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  1. The URL doesn't work, however this will 1. Goto the site directory containing the file here: http://www.pikaone.com/download/drivers/Dvd_rw_interne/ 2. Then right click the file and save as, worked for me.
  2. I've used it for years. I must admit though it would be much safer for novice PC users if Toni would remove the duplicate files finder, and made the add/remove button not list things that can break Windows.
  3. Yep, I already know of its failings however I do daily scans, and I'm always poking around in the registry so I'd notice anything.
  4. NOD32. At least for now, I bet you'll use something like NOD64 when you get a 64-bit system.
  5. Didn't even notice this other thread you started. I posted a reply in the other one. http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?showto...indpost&p=10132
  6. Perhaps the filename itself is too long. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try to remove any read-only and other attributes it may have, and then try CCleaner, or even Windows Explorer to delete it. Start a Command Prompt, this will remove any folder attributes (use the quotations just in case they're needed): attrib -r -h -s -a "C:\Documents and Settings\Dad\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\LHXEZ9FS" Start a Command Prompt, this will remove any file attributes (use the quotations just in case they're needed): attrib -r -h -s -a "C:\Documents and Settings\Dad\Loca
  7. Male. I do hope nobody has to do a self inspection
  8. 34, until September roles around.
  9. Yeah, and that's all that counts really. I just wanted to point out about transcoding because if he deleted his original files in favour of the original source mp3's I didn't want him upset in the future or years down the road if and/or when he may have noticed a degradation of quality.
  10. @ CaPMan In actuality a cheap set of headphones in a quiet listening enviroment (e.g.; no background noise) will reveal artifacts of transcoded audio files, it doesn't take an audiophile to notice them. The original lossy format has already thrown quality away, therefore transcoding to another format can introduce more artifacts. The only way to combat this is to use a lossless audio format (Wav, WavPack, Flac, etc) and then encode to a lossy audio format (MP3, MPC, OGG, etc). To make claims of not hearing a difference you really have to conduct a blind listening test to determine if real
  11. I also use EasyCleaner's registry cleaner and it hasn't ever broke my Win98 or WinXP Pro system. I have however set it to ignore two entries: CCleaner, servicepackcache
  12. WinXP Pro system: eTrust EZ Antivirus Win98 system: eTrust EZ Antivirus, and F-Prot Antivirus for DOS.
  13. Better off saving money for a year and use the free 12 month trial that isn't limited in anyway from Microsoft and Computer Associates available here. That way if your friend doesn't like it, etc., it's a simple matter of choosing another.
  14. Straight to the point; Norton, McAfee, and PC-cillin install way too much that integrates deep into the system making them very difficult to remove. The only commercial av programs I would buy would if there weren't good free alternatives are BitDefender, eTrust EZ Antivirus, F-Prot, NOD32, Sophos. Out of all the free av programs I think it's a matter of choice, such as; does the user like the GUI, and most importantly is it at the least ICSA Labs Certified at detecting infections. I no longer put too much value in certification for removing an infection from an executible since many m
  15. You will loose a significant amount of quality and introduce more artifacts transcoding mp3 to wma, hence they are both lossy audio formats. You are better off just re-ripping the original CD's into the format you wish. However, if you do wish to transcode dBpowerAMP is probably the easiest route, I've never used it though. Also perhaps EAC will work, albeit I've never tried to transcode anything with it.
  16. If it's faulty or bad memory you can test it with Memtest. If you've got more than one stick of memory you'll have to test each individually.
  17. I had already tried that approach and didn't work.
  18. Can't see what the extension is in the ss you provided. Typing it in a new post will help.
  19. My dilemna started when I installed Windows XP SP2. The problem: The Status Bar in Windows Explorer "View->Status Bar" won't stay enabled. It's immediately disabled once I enter a new directory. On the guest user account it works, however on my account it doesn't. I figure it's a problem in the registry, one that I haven't been able to track down. I'd like to fix this since I like the feature and have grown very use to it, however I'm not willing to delete my account to fix it. Please only respond to this thread if you know exactly what I'm inquiring about.
  20. Windows Firewall, because it has the least amount of bugs in all of the software-based firewalls I've currently tested.
  21. RegSeeker can royally f'up your system registry if you don't look at its undo files to see exactly what it removed, and promptly restore it before you reboot or can't reboot. It typically removes more that what it lists which is very deceptive.
  22. @ DjLizard What exactly does the command "fsutil dirty set C:" tell ChkDsk to do, and what parameters to use, e.g.; /f or /r
  23. What computer brand and model are you using, and what is the BIOS version? The reason I ask is because when I updated the BIOS of my Dell all my shutdown/restart problems I'd dealt with for over a year immediately disappeared.
  24. A hardware firewall should also be supplemented by a software-based firewall.
  25. Yes it is! You should see my RegSeeker ignore list it's freakin' huge.
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