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  1. Now you know what to ask for as a Christmas present.
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    PrevX Home

    From the about.com review it says it monitors the registry. I've previously used security programs that monitored the registry and they would always bite me on the bullocks by completely annoying me whenever I'd try to edit something in the registry, add a blocked site into the HOSTS file, etc., therefore I don't think I'd like Prevx Home. These type of security programs would be great if they'd be smart enough to know the actual PC user is the one making the system changes, not some malware.
  3. You should never have two antivirus, antispyware, running and/or scanning at the same time, they'll conflict with each other possibly causing false positives and may very well crash your system. The only way to have two installed antivirus programs coexist in harmony is to have one of them completely disabled, e.g.; its resident shield must not be active. When you want to scan with the disabled antivirus scanner you must remember to disable the resident shield of your primary antivirus program. Since there's always a conflict waiting to happen with two antivirus programs installed, it's better to use one of the free online virus scan services, however you still have to remember to disable the resident shield of your installed antivirus.
  4. To keep your MS Office settings intact do the following: 1. Cleaner->Applications->Applications->Untick the Office reference. 2. Reconfigure MS Office to your liking with confidence the settings will remain.
  5. AntiVir stability-wise doesn't agree with my WinXP system for some reason although I used to use as a secondary scanner on my Win98 system some years ago. It falsely detects virus code in my batch files that perform various automatted tasks on my system. I tried Sophos either last year or two years ago (don't exactly remember), however I do remember not liking it that much. I can't give much more of an explanation since it didn't last 30 minutes on my system. I haven't tried any Kaspersky product for many years, just seems like more bloatware, although I do know they have good detection in their antivirus products.
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    PrevX Home

    Never heard of it until now. There's a review about it on about.com.
  7. Killing them isn't a solution, since some other malware writter would continue it.
  8. In all honesty I liked the GUI in the old AVG6, I'm not too fond of the GUI in AVG7. However that's a moot complaint hence it's freeware antivirus that's benefiting millions on the web (not just AVG users) by reducing the spreading of viruses and the like. Avast on the otherhand can be made to look dirt-simple during its installation by deselecting the option to install skins. I initially couldn't stand Avast because it looked like a media player. However after finding out the skins installation could be disabled I completely changed my opinion about it, and when my eTrust EZ Antivirus 1 year trial ends I'll be making a decision between either it or Avast (minus the skins).
  9. Yeah but the line "it basically is a firewall that doesn't block anything" was pretty hilarious.
  10. I don't know what to tell you, hopefully the CCleaner developer Mr.G will see this thread to offer assistance.
  11. Better is a user defined choice. However I will tell you this; CCleaner is safer. I say this because I've seen System Mechanic's registry cleaner destroy the system registry on some systems by nearly removing all of it when only a few "invalid" references it found were removed. There's also this thread CCleaner vs. Other Disk Cleaners.
  12. Well with Office 2003 the problem comes from other disk cleaning programs deleting opa11.bak, deleting that file will cause some programs to request the Office 2003 install CD, I suspect some programs need a file *.dll, or *.ocx that's normally installed by Office to run, prime example being mscomctl.ocx. I don't know if opa11.bak exists in other versions of Office or if it does what the actual name would be, however Office 2003 installs it into: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA\ For Office 2003 the following two files should be left alone and not deleted: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA\ * opa11.dat * opa11.bak
  13. If only the likes of the FBI, and/or Interpol would nab them, take their computers, make it illegal for any of them to ever own a computer again, and finally put them in a prison cell so deep their meals would have to be catapulted to them.
  14. I'd like to know what hacking they did to the screenshot or something else as it doesn't list the version after CCleaner.com on the upper left, and the Tools button on the upper right is no longer there.
  15. I'd also have to recommend ZoneAlarm for the same reason as already stated by rridgely - its ease of use, however my recommendation ends with version, and here's why. Every third-party software-based firewall I've ever tested have bugs in them I've been able to find, it's just a question of "can you live with the bugs." There's also another thread with firewall discussion labeled: What type of Firewall do you use?
  16. Uncheck the Office XP option of cleaning it, and see if that helps to avoid reinstalling it.
  17. I also had what sounds like the same thing a couple of years ago, however it was with Office 2003. I could only find one solution to end the annoyance which was to copy the whole CD to it's very own unique folder on the hard disk. --------------- Try this: 1. Insert the needed CD into your CD drive. 2. Open Notepad and input the next two lines: MD "C:\Backup Dell Installed Programs" XCOPY /I /H /E /V "E:\*.*" "C:\Backup Dell Installed Programs\" Note: Replace E: with your actual CD drive letter. 3. Save the file on the desktop as (use the quotation marks): "Copy CD.bat" 4. Double-click Copy CD.bat, it will now automatically copy all of the contents including hidden and system files from the CD to: C:\Backup Dell Installed Programs 5. Do whatever it was you were doing to cause the needed CD dialog to happen again, if it asks for a source or allows you to select a new source select the folder: C:\Backup Dell Installed Programs If the dialog allows you to select the new source you shouldn't see a prompt to insert that particular CD again. Note: If for some reason this doesn't work you can delete the folder.
  18. Knowing MS I wouldn't doubt if there's some remnants left over in the registry, and even possibly on the disk. To say a restore point isn't needed you'd have to use a program to watch the installation (InCtrl5, System Mehanic, Total Uninstall, etc.), and then compare the results after removal.
  19. You need to supply more info: - OS version - A screenshot of the problem
  20. Although IE has many problems, the most of which I see as security issues I still find it necessary to occassionally use it when a site won't work with my other two installed browsers Mozilla Suite, and Opera. Anyways, this thread isn't about IE's rendering or failings, it's about configuring IE to display similiarly to FF.
  21. I think detected devices are stored in a file on the hard disk, however I'm not completely sure. Sounds like you need a computer technician.
  22. You should still create a system restore point beforehand, and a known good registry backup using ERUNT, that way all of IE 7 beta can be removed.
  23. So you don't get countless spam from spambots I'd highly recommend that both above posts have the email address edited out.
  24. I've seen bad page rendering happen in every web browser I've ever used; IE, Mozilla Suite, Netscape, and Opera. Too many site's I've seen rely upon a WYSIWYG program which doesn't necessarily end up being "what you see is what you get." It's too bad that site designer's have to do so many hacks, or have more than one version of a page just to make a site viewable for all browsers which is sometimes futile since not all browsers will be able to display the page correctly.
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    Yeah really annoying, just take me to the main page.
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